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Easy Steps to Getting Local Government Contracts: Part 2

By: Jeremy Higbee



Alright, now that you are all familiarized with the process of registering and maintaining size standards for acquiring government contracts as a small business, here are some tips to keep ahead of the business competition:

Tips to Remain on Top of the Contracting Game
It’s important to demonstrate your value to the agency that you are attempting to obtain a contract from. At the forefront, establishing trust through a healthy, long-term relationship with the agency you are looking to contract with is essential. This can be done through good old-fashioned networking: getting to know someone in the agency, attending events, attending pre-bid conferences, etc. If there’s any opportunity to interact with the agency awarding the contract, take it.
Figure out what specific agencies within your state or local government need and distinguish yourself from your competitors. If your business offers a unique service that your competitors don’t offer, be sure to let an agency know about it so that you stand out from your competitors.
Part of this can be done by simply being patient with the budgeting cycle and waiting on the right contracts, even if they take months to procure. Cloud-based procurement software to keep track of bids can help you stay ahead of the competition. Many companies may give up if the contract takes too long to acquire, but your company can distinguish itself by being in it for the long run.
Don’t be discouraged from bidding if a rival company has won the bid for a certain contract for many years in a row. With a little research, you might find an instance where the competitor has acted negligently by being hostile or difficult to work with, or has failed to complete a previous contract.
If you’re able to find an example of those types of negligence, it’s fairly easy to take the bid out from under them if you make the appropriate agency aware. But, if the relationship with the agency and the company is profitable, it’s very nearly impossible to acquire that contract. So, choose your battles carefully.
With these tips in mind, your company is sure to succeed in the world of local and state government contracting. By taking part in government contracting, your business will help make your local community and state a better place to live.
Published: July 30, 2013

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