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Direct Mail is the Hot New Media

By: Drew McLellan


Who would have thought it? People have been predicting the death of direct mail for over a decade. And yet, here we stand in 2013 and have to admit—direct mail is the hot new media.

As everyone flocks to spending more time online, a curious thing happened: Our mailboxes got a lot less crowded. Which means that we pay more attention to what shows up every day in the mail.
Which doesn’t mean you don’t still have to do it well. Many people sort their mail over the wastebasket and if you don’t catch their attention in those few nanoseconds, all could still be lost.
Here are some of our favorite ways to make sure McLellan Marketing Group‘s clients get noteworthy results from their direct mail efforts.
Be odd: Odd sized mail is always noticed. Or use a translucent envelope with a bright colored piece of paper inside. Think texture too—maybe the envelope feels interesting or different. The point is to get noticed before they even open up the piece.
Be lumpy: Want to get opened for sure? Be 3-dimensional. Lumpy mail gets opened because no one wants to accidentally throw away something of value. And better yet—no admin or secretary is going to open a package addressed to their boss. So you can dodge the gatekeeper with a bit of bulk.
Be late: The focus has shifted from drop date to in-home date. Studies have shown time and time again that the end of the week to be most effective for delivery. This is based on the tested and proven theory that many people spend time on the weekend going through mail that was put aside to look at again. Having the mail piece arrive closer to the weekend puts your mail on top of the pile.
Take advantage of the fact that direct mail is the hot new media—start showing up in your customers’ and prospects’ mailboxes but do it smart. Be odd, lumpy, and late and you’ll get opened every time!
This article was originally published by Drew’s Marketing Minute
Published: November 21, 2013

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