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8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Good VoIP Phone System


Whether you’re a part of a startup or enterprise, you need a reliable phone system to speak with your customers and clients effectively. Businesses lose 71% of their online leads due to slow phone response time, proving that speed is an essential factor in customer loyalty.

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However, traditional phone lines aren’t as reliable as they used to be, and they can’t provide the flexibility your business may need. That’s why you should consider using a VoIP phone system.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, an acronym for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” is a service that converts your voice into a digital signal. This signal is sent to a receiver, like an audio file or smartphone. VoIPs are efficient because they can connect to any device or app with an internet connection.

Because VoIP phone systems connect to the internet, they need a high-bandwidth router for optimal performance. Many phone systems for small businesses, including VoIP, can also work with analog telephones as long as they’re connected to an analog telephone adapter.

Why Your Company Needs a VoIP Phone System

Now that you know what a VoIP phone system is and how it functions let’s look at why your business could use one. Here are 8 reasons why you need a reliable VoIP for your business.

  1. VoIP Systems Come With High-Quality Communication Services

Most VoIP providers offer a wide range of services that make client communication more effective. Traditional landline systems don’t provide services like online calendar syncing, text-based chat, file and data sharing, video calls, and conference call scheduling.

  1. VoIP Systems Are Cheaper Than Traditional Phone Services

Signing up for a traditional phone system is expensive, and you constantly need to upgrade your phones to keep up with the latest gadgets. While VoIP costs vary based on packages, most VoIP systems are 40-80% less expensive to purchase and upgrade than landline services.

  1. VoIP Systems Give You Remote Access to Phone Calls 

VoIP systems allow you to access your phone calls, chat messages, and voicemails from anywhere because you can carry your number with you via your company’s VoIP app. As long as your phone can connect to the internet, you can still utilize your VoIP system from anywhere.

  1. VoIP Systems are Flexible and Completely Customizable

With traditional landline systems, you need to be in the office to change your voicemail, call forwarding, or other settings. VoIP systems can be altered or customized from any device, which gives remote or vacationing workers the flexibility to play with their settings.

  1. VoIP Systems are Tailored Made for Business Expansion

Most businesses are prepared for any new internet-based tech that comes their way, except when it comes to phone systems. When you switch to a VoIP system, you’ll be able to easily add new employee phone numbers to your system, effectively future-proofing your company.

  1. VoIP Systems Require Less Maintenance Than Traditional Services

VoIP and traditional landline systems use the same ethernet RJ-45 jacks and phone lines, so you won’t need to run additional lines when you switch. Plus, your IT department or service provider can monitor your VoIP phone lines, minimizing startup and maintenance fees.

  1. VoIP Systems Are More Secure Than Traditional Phone Lines

Most businesses aren’t willing to make the switch to an always-online phone system for security reasons, but internet communication is more secure than landline systems. That’s because cell phone/digital signals can be encrypted with security programs that block malicious activity.

  1. VoIP Systems Secure Phone Conversations With Backups

Another positive that comes with an always-online phone system is its ability to keep secure backups of previous conversations. You can set up your VoIP system to record and store all of your online correspondence without worrying about overwriting your voicemail messages.

Published: March 14, 2022

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