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Ting: A Cost Effective Cell Phone Plan for Small Businesses

By: Bill Wortman



Have you ever struggled to find a cell phone carrier that has the right plan for your small business? Ting is a cell phone plan provider run through the Sprint network that provides a smart solution to a recurring problem for businesses. Here are a 5 few reasons why you should consider setting up a cell phone plan for your small business through Ting.


  1. Unlimited Devices, One Account: Ting really simplifies the process of managing your business’s cell phone plan, as the devices of all your employees can be set up under one account. That means you pay only bill at the end of the month, potentially a huge time saver. 
  2. A Better Plan for Businesses: Ting tailors its service to small businesses with its unique concept that only requires you to pay for what you use. At the end of the month, you will be reimbursed for any unused minutes, messages or data that you did not use. And perhaps the best part about having to guess the right plan for your business: there are absolutely no overage charges. This way, you no longer have to guess what size of plan you will need. Simply, try one that seems right and adjust according to your needs.
  3. Great Management Tools: With the convenience of online management, you can control your account from an easy-to-use interface. 
  4. Accessible Support Team: Instead of having stores like AT&T or Verizon which you have to drive to before waiting in line, Ting has a dedicated support staff that you can contact for help online or over the phone. Their mission is clear: to serve its customers quickly and effectively.
  5. No more contracts: There may be no phone discounts for engaging in a 2-year contract with Ting, but you are in no way tied down to remain with Ting after you join. Come and leave at you any time, and you will not be penalized. This risk-free incentive makes Ting especially appealing for startups that are unsure about their future. 

As with using any cell phone service provider, there are a couple of disadvantages to using Ting that are worth mentioning. First, the service does not offer unlimited plans for voice, messaging, or data. However, this is more of an irrational burden than a real issue as they charge very reasonable rates: 2 cents a minute, .25 cents per text and 2.25 cents per megabyte of data once you go beyond their most extensive plan. Second, there is currently no option for running an iPhone with the service, as Smartphone devices are limited to the Android operating system. That said, Ting presents small businesses with a considerably cheaper alternative to the average cell phone carrier. Starting at $6 per month per phone with no contracts and no commitments, this service is too cheap to ignore.  

Published: June 13, 2013

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