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8 Factors That Influence The Price of an Aerial Platform

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Aerial word platforms, or AWPs, are portable, economical models that are often used for lifting one or two workers. These platforms are used in construction, electricity, telecommunications, infrastructure, maintenance, window cleaning, tree trimming and much more.

Some companies like Socage manufacture and sell quality aerial platforms. Prices may vary, however, due to different factors. Rea on to see what constitutes the prices of these aerial platforms.

8 Factors Determine the Price of an Aerial Platform

Condition and age

The condition of the bottom lift will determine the price. Is it used or brand new?  If it has been used, how long has it been utilized, and is there any mileage or risk? For instance, buying a new forklift will always be more expensive than the one that has been used.

Materials used

Even for a similar model, various producers of aerial platforms still offer different prices. One potential reason for this is the materials utilized. They are different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Some producers utilize thin and only a few materials. And that means you can just use them for the short term. But the service life and safety performance is the concern here.

In Socage, light but robust materials of the highest quality are used. In this way, the quality of the platform is ensured, with also the best features. Socage incorporates cataphoresis treatment as standard on all its platforms, so we extend the durability and protection against corrosion of the entire exterior of the platform.

Type of stabilizers

The type of stabilizers is a factor to consider before buying an aerial platform. An aerial platform with manual stabilization is slower, and therefore less productive.

Luckily, in Socage the platforms have automatic stabilization as standard, which is an advantage in the final price. In addition, the stabilizers are vertical, which means that the platform can easily work in reduced spaces.


Platforms with an automatic stabilization system always offer us a plus of safety for their precision in stabilization. In short:

  • Avoid operator errors. The SPEED system is responsible in a precise and safe way to achieve the perfect stabilization at 0º.
  • Greater ability to overcome unevenness, reducing the need for supplements in the stabilizers to achieve the OK of stabilization.
  • Avoids sliding in unevenness, the vertical stabilizers have the support plate in non-slip rubber.
  • It facilitates the use of support plates, important in unstable terrain.


We are aware of the specialization required by a technical service of aerial platforms, for this reason Socage has always been a pioneer with its after-sales service. A good after-sales service can save you a lot of money in the long run, with proper maintenance of your platform. In this way, the useful life of your aerial platform is extended. These after-sales services are important for minimizing the downtime of the platforms, which makes them more productive and therefore more profitable in the market.

Advanced technology

The operator controls, the help system, the control panels… All these determine the value of a platform. An aerial platform must have simple but safe controls that allow simultaneous maneuvers. In Socage they have a system called “Socage Connect” that allows remote diagnostics, preventive diagnostics to minimize the downtime of the machine in incidents, seeking the highest productivity of the platforms. In addition, the electrohydraulic controls combine the safety of the electrical system with the reliability of the hydraulic system, to achieve fluid movements, simultaneous maneuvers with precise movements.

Main companies and insights into the market share

Main producers’ aerial platforms focus mostly on offering high-quality hardware to guarantee the protection and wellbeing of workers. Furthermore, organizations are putting more resources into the exploration and improvement of cutting-edge AWPs.

In addition, the companies like Socage offers modified solutions to address issues within the application industries. An example of this is the SPEED automatic stabilization, a system designed to increase the productivity of the platforms, thanks to a faster, more precise and safer stabilization.

Weight limit

Also, the weight capacity of an aerial platform will affect its price. For instance, most of the boom lifts have work platforms that can hold more than 1,000 lbs. Take time to observe the specs and limits on the specific make and model you are thinking of purchasing.  You can also inquire as to whether the pricing is dependent upon weight capacity.


Different factors affect the price of an aerial platform. As a buyer, you can take advantage of good discounts when you buy more equipment. A manufacturer likes Socage product aerial platforms with durable materials. Always go for quality! Finally, you can consult in Socage the factors that determine the price of an aerial platform.

Published: August 4, 2022

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