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How the Global Economy Will Affect Small Businesses in 2015

In whichever direction the global economy goes, small businesses have a steady chance to make the most revenue gains this year. The main reason behind this is that online marketing, reputation management and clever branding is all one needs to survive competition in the market today. And small businesses can also add a piece of the forex (foreign exchange) pie to their revenue by following the latest marketing trends. Here is a quick look as to how or when the forex market will impact your business in 2015 and how you can gear up to meet the impact.

According to NetoTrade metatrader, a strong deflation hit the Eurozone this January. Therefore, there is a panic among traders and investors in the forex market. Additional threats to the stability of the dollar are caused by the German surplus that will steal the limelight from Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves. But the real panic is in China and Japan, where unstable markets are breaking all old records. Russia has recovered from a ruble crash and is prepared to keep the value of the ruble stable. So a huge percentage of the forex market is going on an unpredicted path.
Unlike Russia, which took precautions to negate the ruble crash and did not panic, the rest of the world today is unable to halt the dollar sell-off. In this scenario, prices are bound to fall to a great extent. And this gives small businesses more chances of making revenue.
What is Waiting for You?
To be candid, the global economy is going to have no direct impact on how small businesses run and how they plan their next marketing campaigns. But it will make every campaign, launch or expansion more feasible owing to lowered prices. No untoward impacts are predicted unless the economy takes a massive downturn, which is not seen to be close on the cards. However, if anything of the sort happens it will materialize only by the last quarter of 2015. Till then, no forex sharks for small businesses.
Here are the major predictions in marketing for 2015:
  • Guest Posts are Half Dead: A bit more than half, because most sites are closing down their options owing to Google’s latest updates.
  • General SEO is Not Dead: On page optimization is here to stay so don’t let the home page of your website go waste
  • Social Media is King: Better than before, social media is the main internet marketing investment for most businesses in 2015.
  • Content Marketing All Set to Diversify: Businesses are looking to use content marketing in all new ways.
  • Referral Marketing Strategy Will Win: Affiliates are old, but referrals are in. The focus is on delivering your best to the best.
  • Relationship Marketing Strategy to Rule: Building long standing relationships and giving people the reason to talk about your business is important.
So, stop worrying about the economy and get grooving about how your business can expand this year. The first quarter is already begun. Yes, hurry!
Published: January 22, 2015

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