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4 Innovative Alternatives to Team-Building Exercises That Stimulate Collaboration

Innovative Alternatives to Team Building Exercises

No matter what sort of business you run, your workers are going to be the lifeblood of your brand. You need to encourage them to work together in order to reach goals and create a good customer support network.

To get your employees working together effectively, it’s time for you to initiate some team building exercises. That way they can get to know each other and learn how to collaborate together. Here are some original exercises that will get your employees working together in no time.

Inflatable Games

There’s nothing wrong with inspiring a little healthy competition among your workers. This will allow your work mates to bond and also share a good laugh together. That’s why you should consider investing in some inflatable sports. Whether you want to hire out an obstacle course, and divide your workers into teams, or buy inflatable sumo wrestling outfits, you can spend a few hours remaining active and getting to know the people on your team. Think of this as a bouncy bonding exercise—it’s the perfect thing to bring people together!

Hobby Tasks

One of the main things you need to think about when considering team building exercises is how they are actually going to bring people together and how much your employees will actually want to participate in them. An activity should bring all of your employees together rather than make them want to stand on the sidelines.

Try and establish an active communication with your employees. This can be through speaking with them about their interests or perhaps asking them to take part in an employee assistance program. Once you have found out the things they enjoy doing, why not enroll some of your staff members to a nearby club?

For instance, if they enjoy comedy you may want to enroll them on stand-up comedy lessons or even a painting group. The more personalized the exercise, the more likely that you will bring your staff together.

Dragon’s Den

Are you feeling like the creativity levels of your team are starting to dwindle? If you are looking to fire them up, get inspiration about a new product or even just looking to see what your employees can do, why not create a Dragon’s Den situation?

Have four employees become the “dragons” and then sort the rest of your employees into different teams. You can then have each team present a product and see which one will win the approval of the dragons. Just don’t forget that the dragons will need to put each product under scrutiny. This will inspire each of the teams to be quick on their feet, which can help with their customer service skills.

Cocktail Creation

Who doesn’t love creating cocktail recipes? Well, your employees probably do. It’s one thing to go out for a drink after work, but how about coming up with some cocktail recipes of their own? If you can hire out a bar that does masterclasses, you may be able to inspire your workers to use their imaginations to come up with some of their own recipes. This can be a great bonding experience between employees.

Published: August 28, 2019

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