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5 Proven Ways to Keep Employee Morale High

Proven Ways to Keep Employee Morale High

We’ve all heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life.” There should be another similar phrase when it comes to running a business, “happy employees, more successful company.” While it doesn’t have the same rhyme (unless you change company to companies) it’s still an idea that plenty of bosses and business owners should have in mind.

It’s been proven that employee happiness and business success are linked. When you think about it, it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Those that are happy are going to enjoy their work, work better with others, and ultimately be more motivated. Toxic workplaces and unhappy environments are going to catch up with the business one day, halting progress and bringing it down.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure that employee morale and spirit stays high. Keeping it at 100% is impossible, even for the best of businesses, but you should be striving for a high level every day.

As a small business owner, your employees might be few as you continue to grow. This offers you the chance to try new methods and perfect how you can keep your employee morale high through the years to come.

Be Flexible

Admittedly, this option will only work for a few businesses. Some places just don’t have the ability to offer fully flexible schedules due to the state of their business or the nature of their work.

But those who think they can should offer flexible work schedules. Remote working is on the rise across the world and some places are adding a specific day or days where their workers can work from home. Add in flexible work hours or see what part-time schedules may work with your employees.

Flexible schedules show a certain amount of trust between you and your employees. If your employees feel like you trust them, then they’ll be the ones to work harder and better down the line.

Be Decisive

No one ever likes walking out of a meeting and thinking, “what exactly are we doing here?” Being decisive is a fantastic trait for all bosses and is necessary to keep your employees focused.

While not exactly a “morale-boosting” gesture, being decisive gives your employees direction and helps them focus. In addition, you don’t want to be the boss that is constantly changing their mind in the middle of a project.

That will only encourage dissent and a feeling of uneasiness amongst your employees.

Offer Perks

Perks are a surefire way to maintain a high level of morale over time. Perks are something that every business should have, not only to attract talent but to maintain a positive feeling around the office.

What kind of perks you offer will depend on your financial situation and field, but you there are plenty of perks out there to consider. Sit down with your accountant and go over your books to see what options you can offer to your employees. It’s always great to know that your business is looking out for your life outside the workplace as well!

Work Retreats

No one is saying you have to be best friends with your employees, but bonding with them outside the office is a way to improve cohesion and morale. It’s always better to work next to someone whom you respect and care about.

It can be a weekend trip, visiting a city, or even something as easy as a night out on the town, bowling or going to a local restaurant or bar. Take time to cut back and forget about all those calls and deadlines for a moment, everyone needs some good ol’ R&R.

Encourage the Work-Life Balance

Recently, NFL head coach Bruce Arian stated in an interview that if any of his assistant coaches missed a family event because of work, he would fire them. Work isn’t nearly as important as seeing your kid’s piano recital or attending your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

While you don’t have to take as drastic a step as firing employees, you should be actively encouraging your employees to maintain a healthy balance. Have a time when you switch off work emails, discourage people communicating over the weekends, and make sure everyone is taking their vacation days every year. Making sure your employees have their life outside of work is ensuring success at work.

Published: October 1, 2019

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