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Cost-Saving and Efficiency Tips for Small Business

By: Clarise Tan


With the economy slowly recovering from the global financial crisis, people are encouraged to set up their own small and medium-sized enterprises to help boost the economy and the community.

Yes, the mom and pop shops around the neighborhood are part a country’s strong economic foundation. Small-sized businesses help their communities by creating jobs for people, participating in charity events and selling products that are made or grown locally. There are also countless of business success stories of companies that start out small and make their way into becoming leaders of the industry. 
However, for a small business, budget and resources are often limited, and organizational costs can take a huge portion of capital. Many costs will be incurred during the initial stage of the business and the return on investment could take several months to almost a year, so it is best to learn a few tricks to save money by minimizing expenses. 
Save on Utilities
Careful space planning that involves lightning and ventilation can help you save on electricity. For small businesses, it is advisable to keep your office equipment to a minimum and invest in the ones that will be used regularly for the company’s operations such as computers, printer, fax machine, filing cabinet and Internet connection. Determine what are the supplies and equipment that are directly important for the day-to-day activities inside the office.
Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances that will provide you with savings on your electricity bills. Simple ways of conserving energy would also help in minimizing the cost of utilities. Also go for phone companies and Internet providers that offer affordable rates for businesses. You may need to sign up for a basic plan, especially when the business is fairly new. Companies may even offer flexible options to fit your budget.
Save on Printing Costs
Advertising and promotions are very important. If your business depends on sending out correspondence, flyers, brochures and other marketing tools, consider hiring a print and mail service. In this manner, the task involved in design, printing, sorting, mailing and delivery will be handled independently by a contractor and your employees can focus on their respective job assignments. This type of service is affordable and cost efficient compared to having to buy high quality printers for your company that require regular service and maintenance. Hiring a company to take care of all your printing needs and mail requirements will take a lot of burden off your shoulders.
Promote Recycling
Boxes can be recycled and used for storage while there are office supplies stores that offer discounts and rebates for bringing in used cartridges.
Efficiency in the use of available resources is the key to more savings. As the business progresses, you can look into other alternatives that will provide even more saving opportunities for expansion.
Published: October 7, 2013

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