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4 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

Proven Ways to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know it’s not simple: you always need to keep the organization and productivity flowing in the workplace, create a teamwork-driven environment, collaborate with your employees, and so much more. But as you’re checking things off the list to constantly take care of, do your energy costs come up as a priority?

Here are a few of the most important courses of actions you can take to help reduce business energy costs and avoid unnecessary spending on energy-wasting circumstances.

Go completely digital with storing and communicating information

This is the age of technology, so it’s natural to shift the paradigm of committing information on paper to internet cloud systems. You’re able to save energy by significantly reducing the amount of wasted paper in the office, thus dramatically condensing a build-up of miscellaneous documents that may have accumulated over time. Overall, it’s a cheaper and more organized way to save and store information. Furthermore, the use of internet cloud system encourages a collaborative effort between employees and management, thus allowing everyone to update each other on accomplished tasks, and give access to any information needed all in one system. This tip also encourages you to say goodbye to printers too since everything can be online.

Use smart lighting situations

Utilize the most out of the skylight in the office and replace existing light bulbs with LED light bulbs. Our bodies crave the refreshing sunlight when we’re working in an artificially lit space for long periods of time—so why not make the most out of the sun in the morning? The use of natural light is the most highly requested feature in the workplace. Not only is it a cheaper source of light, but it also elevates the mood and productivity of work. Therefore, position desks by the windows and keep the exposure to sunlight a constant in the office.

In terms of necessary artificial light, turn to LED light bulbs. They consume less energy and have a significantly longer performance time than fluorescent light bulbs. Furthermore, LED lights are much easier on the eyes and not as invasive with its brightness.

Keep a constant thermostat temperature

With fluctuating weather and seasons, manage a set thermostat temperature that increases or decreases by one degree for each season – because battling over the thermostat temperature every day gets expensive. Research also shows that temperature is directly correlated to the productivity, mood, and even health of the employees. Besides keeping employees happy, focused, and in a comfortably tempered environment, you won’t notice any unexpected spikes in the energy bill since the thermostat rarely fluctuates.

Invest in energy-saving appliances and equipment

By investing in energy-saving appliances and equipment, you save a tremendous amount of money in the long run since most of them run automatically. Regular appliances, on the other hand, eat up more energy and are expensive to replace.

Examples of some energy-saving appliances include motion-censored lights that turn off once you leave the room, a thermostat that adjusts to the seasons and even accessory appliances you keep in the office such as refrigerators and microwaves.

Published: September 11, 2017

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