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The Wrong Hero

Marketing messages must be great stories…

…about the true hero.
I wish I could remember the source of this elegant language, for the person certainly deserves the credit for this incredible bit of wisdom. I’m paraphrasing, but after reading a marketing piece, the individual said “that’s a great story, but it’s the wrong hero.”
The marketing piece had discussed the company, not its customers. That’s why it was about “the wrong hero.”
If you want your marketing messages to translate into sales at premium prices, tell stories in which customers and prospects can experience the joy of your offerings—even if they haven’t tried them yet.  
One of the fascinating aspects of the human mind is that we can experience emotions as vividly today as when we first experienced them. Tie your offerings to an experience that everyone has had that elicits joy. 
Remember, there are only three things that any of us sells: image, innovation and time-savings. So when you’re selling image, help them experience the joy of having others admire and emulate them.
With innovation, make the story about the fun and excitement of playing with the latest, greatest toys or our childhood curiosity when everything was fascinating.
For time-savings, the story highlights the joy of spending more time with family and friends, traveling or just kicking back in a hammock on a beautiful spring day. If you’re selling business to business and the time savings translates into greater revenue-generating capabilities, make the story about the joy of growing a successful business—one that’s the envy of their competitors.
The keys to effective marketing messages are:
  • Identifying the emotional triggers that cause people to buy your offerings.
  • Targeting them with messages that trigger those emotions.
  • Using language that allows them to experience the joy of owning your product or service before using it.
  • Making it easy for them to make the purchase.
It’s counter-intuitive, but the less said about your company and what you do, the greater the likelihood that your marketing messages will bring buyers through the doors. More buyers, mores sales, at your price. Now that’s an experience that’ll bring a smile to your face.
This post originally appeared at PricingForProfitBook.com.
Published: April 17, 2014

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