Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a consultant, blogger, strategist, and speaker. He works with companies and executives to optimize their online personal and corporate brands through the use of social media channels. Author of the Amazon best-selling book Blogging the Smart Way—How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media (Jeff Bullas, 2012), Jeff's own blog is included in's Power 150 ranking as a top 50 marketing blog.


11 Tips to Double Your Twitter Followers

Twitter plays by its own rules. Increasing your Twitter followers does have some distinct benefits for business and brands. Here are three worth mentioning.

Is Your Content Created for Machines or Humans?

Content marketing faces the constant tension between writing for search engines or crafting it for people. But there is also another challenge that comes from decades of formal marketing education and training.

22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014

There was a tipping point last year that has major implications for business and brands. It will impact publishing and marketing strategies and tactics in the future.

The 10 Big Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

No longer is it enough to say that you do social media marketing because you have a Facebook and Twitter page. The increasing complexity means you need a strategic social media marketing plan.

Facts and Figures on the Power of Visual Content Marketing

As the social web has allowed us all to become publishers and marketers the importance of content for search and social media marketing has exploded. This is driving another trend within that sector called visual content marketing.

The 7 Key Elements to Creating Successful Infographics

Communication has changed so fast in the last decade that it is almost another language. The change extends not just to the words and platforms but also to visual communication.

10 Alarming Signs That Your Business is in Trouble

My grandfather delivered milk by horse and cart. Clopping hooves, the clink of bottles and the promise of daily delivered fresh milk is now but a faint memory. It was his life and business. Large supermarket chains have claimed his job.

Personal Brand Best Practice Tactics on Google Plus

Bloggers, authors, artists and passionate creators of visual, multi-media, and text content can be powerful personal online brands. Those that understand the power of the social networks can accelerate and enhance their brand through effective content marketing tactics.

Business Brand Content Best Practice Tactics on Google Plus

There are many types of businesses that are struggling to market with Google+, they can be business that sell to businesses (B2B) or those that deal directly with consumers (B2C). They can be small, medium or large.

How to Market Your Content on Google Plus

Google+ is not just a Facebook competitor. Google sees it as a core layer to its web assets and a vital part of the social web puzzle. What is now the second largest social network should no longer be seen as an afterthought.