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The Best Franchises to Invest in Right Now

The core appeal of franchising, most would-be franchisees would agree, is that it remains a proven and substantive business formula for the distribution of products and services.

Innovative Internet Franchises

In the ever-changing environment of the internet, an online franchisor will only stay ahead of the competition if they are continually improving and innovating.

How to Handle Franchise Accounts

The ability to understand franchise accounts is arguably the most important skill that a franchisee can possess. While some franchisors will offer to take over this responsibility, franchisees need to have a comprehensive knowledge of franchise accounting practices for their own protection and control.

How to Be a Perfect Franchisor

Most articles concerning franchising concentrate on the benefits of buying a franchise and what a franchisor should look for in the perfect franchisee. Very few, if any, flip the coin over to look at the other side that asks the following question: What makes a perfect franchisor?

Why Own a Franchise?

There are many attractive reasons for buying into an existing organization, for both newcomers to the business world and also experienced veterans. The most immediate of these relates to the brand recognition and identity of the existing organization.

Franchising: The Advantages and Drawbacks

There are many advantages to buying a franchise over starting a business from scratch. Ordinarily a franchise offers the owner a degree of security and stability, with help, advice, and support at hand should any problems arise. There are drawbacks, however, such as the restrictions on what you can and can’t do with the business being a prime example.