Dan Alvin

Dr. Dan Alvin is a psychologist specializing in issues of identity and behavior in the workplace. He writes frequently on performance management, workplace health, employee satisfaction and motivation, and workplace harassment.


entrepreneurial innovation

Digital Assets: Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Innovation

The digital revolution has been an ongoing, and consistent aspect of technological innovation and development across the globe. It is a segment that has wide and varied applications and presents as one of the main…

an insurance representative examining the damage to a company car

4 Important Tips to Keep Your Company Car Safe

Company cars are usually one of the largest investments a business will make. It’s not hard to see why vehicles are pricey, and some businesses will need a special vehicle, such as one with a…

Top 9 Tips to Run an Efficient Small Business

Many small businesses start out doing tasks the long way. While that might work initially, especially when they’re still learning how things work, eventually, it will only waste time, money, and energy. It might even…

a child using a tablet on the couch

Beware the 3 Most Common, Small Business Growing Pains

When it succeeds, a small business startup is incredibly rewarding. Together with your small team, you celebrate each success, big or small, until you realize one day that things aren’t the same as they used…