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What is the best printer that will be most efficient and cost saving for my operation?

By: Ed Fox




 What is the best printer that will be most efficient and cost saving for my operation?

Answer:   We do not know all your printing requirements (i.e., speeds, double-sided, duplex, document feeder, wireless, etc.) or budget, so we do not have a specific printer recommendation for your business. However, consumable costs (toner, ink, drums, laser modules, and other parts that need periodic replacement) are a consideration with any printer and can make buying an inexpensive printer a higher cost proposition in the long-run. With a laser printer, using high capacity toner cartridges is one way to lower operating costs, particularly if you have a monochrome printer. But basically you will need to research consumable costs to evaluate which printers may offer the lowest operating costs.

There are, of course, several quality printer manufacturers with a variety of economical printers with excellent technical capabilities. For instance, HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, Lexmark and Epson are leading manufacturers that provide good quality products. In terms of selecting the most economical printer, or the one that provides the most bang for your buck, a printer that is priced within your budget and meets your printing needs (or printing, photocopying, faxing and scanning needs if considering another multi-function or all-in-one printer) with the lowest operating cost is generally the best choice.

In addition to comparing products at your local office supply and computer stores, one of the best ways to go about shopping for a printer is by making a list of your printing requirements and then researching the product reviews on the Internet. Color laser printers have become much more affordable for example; however, a color laser printer will typically have five toner cartridges, so it is particularly important to consider the cost of toner and other consumables. Also, you can consider another multi-function or all-in-one printer, which can make copies, scan documents and send and receive faxes in addition to printing. This is often the best alternative for a small home-based business. You can begin your printer research with the following example resources for printer reviews and buying guides and advice.

Monochrome and color laser printers:

Multi-function laser printers:

Buying guides:

As to suppliers of ink and toner cartridges, we do not have a specific recommendation for a low cost provider. However, as we discussed above, high ink and toner cartridge costs can make a bargain-priced printer a poor deal in the long run, so you will need to shop around for the best cartridge prices, but be wary of off-brands. We have found that brand-name ink cartridges have better print quality and fade-resistance, and per-page costs are often comparable. In addition to local office supply and computer stores and discount retailers in general, you can use an Internet search to find suppliers of ink and toner cartridges like the following examples:

Published: August 7, 2013

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