When we think of simple ways to improve our business, we normally think about where we can cut cost or how we can pioneer the next big thing. Very few times, however, do we consider communication as a factor that affects our level of success. Obviously we understand that having a way for customers to reach us is imperative, but is that the extent of your communications strategy? It doesn’t have to be. Dive deeper into a few optimal options and begin understanding the different ways communication can help your business grow.

Omni-Channel Communication Methods

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that technology is kind of a big thing. Are you using it to your advantage? Think of every point of contact your customer has with your brand. Whether it’s an email, a website visit, or on social media, customers have an incredible amount of access to the companies they do business with now more than ever.

Consider how you can fit multiple points of interaction with your customers based on your own business model. Omni channel communication methods, such as a web chat feature, responsive mobile apps, and personalized assistance, improve the customer experience and increase retention by streamlining the customer’s interaction from one touch point to the next.           

A Robust Business Phone System

There’s nothing wrong with relying solely on your phone for business communications, although there is most definitely an opportunity to use a reliable business phone system to supplement your omni-channel approach. If you prefer to stick with a traditional method and go with a business phone alone, make sure you’re using a platform that adds value.

VoIP phone systems are becoming the communication standard for businesses of all sizes, and for good reason. With VoIP technology, businesses are saving on their monthly phone bill without having to compromise call quality. Features like automated attendant, commercial on hold, and voicemail to email can really take your company’s image up a notch and save you time in the long run. Most VoIP providers are also offering mobile capabilities so you can run your business from your smartphone, at any location, and still maintain a professional image.

Don’t Neglect Internal Communication

Are you encouraging consistent internal communication? It’s true that your customers should be your main focus, but in the end it’s your employees who keep the machine running so that customers have a service or product to enjoy.

Regardless of the size of your team, keeping an accurate record of deadlines, notes, and interactions will be your savior. Using project management tools such as Trello or Basecamp will keep everyone on the same page and consolidate important project elements. Using omni channel communications internally as well as your business phone system features, like call conferencing and call logging, to boost employee productivity and performance is practical and well worth the time invested.

This may not seem like a traditional way of thinking about communication strategies but ensuring that all aspects of communication within your organization are airtight is something you’ll be glad you addressed.

Overall, the most effective way to have a successful communication strategy is to practice consistency. Whether you choose to take on an omni channel approach or let your business phone system act as a bridge between you and your customers, keeping a consistent routine will help build an image of reliability that will prove to benefit your company in the long term.

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Alicia Sandino
Alicia Sandino is a content writer at FastPBX Business Phone Systems. Her content helps individuals to better understand the importance of a reliable communication strategy and highlights FastPBX’s mission to help businesses across the country enhance their callers’ experience with a trusted phone system. Alicia spends her free time improving her yoga practice and obsessing over her Boston Terrier. Follow @fastpbx on Twitter and Facebook.