Life without email would be unimaginable at this point—we rely on this form of communication far too much to be able to give it up. We use it to keep in touch with family and friends, to communicate with teammates at work and to stay in the loop with newsletters and promotions. Be that as it may, due to the constant increase in email volume, it’s getting significantly harder to separate important emails from unimportant ones, and it is not uncommon for an important email to get lost in the mountain of emails that hit your inbox on a daily basis. So, if you don’t want to risk missing out on the stuff that matters, but can’t afford to spend a lot of time digging through piles of irrelevant emails, it’s time to bring some order to your email. Meet SaneBox.

SaneBox – An Overview

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SaneBox is an email sorting service that’s aimed at keeping your inbox organized and your sanity in place. Unlike other email sorting services out there, SaneBox doesn’t require the installation of a piece of software or a browser addon; it’s designed to be simple and efficient, so you just sign in to your email through the SaneBox website and allow SaneBox to take over. The service will act as a middle man, intercepting incoming emails and sorting them on the fly, and while this may seem like a privacy-invasive measure, it’s far from that: SaneBox doesn’t actually open your emails, but only analyzes their headings and sender information in order to be able to determine their importance. On the upside, this approach allows SaneBox to be effective regardless of the device you’re using to check your email, so whether you’re on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, accessing your email directly or through a dedicated email client, SaneBox will be there, doing its job.

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Inbox, SaneLater and SaneSnooze

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When you run SaneBox for the first time, it performs an analysis on all your emails and organizes them in two main folders: Inbox and SaneLater. Emails that are identified as being important are kept in the main Inbox, while everything else gets moved to the SaneLater folder for you to deal with them at a later time. This translates to instant de-clutter of your inbox, without the risk of missing any important emails either, thanks to the Daily Summary feature, which makes a summary of all the emails that landed in the SaneLater folder. If an important email is accidentally placed in the SaneLater folder, simply moving it to the Inbox folder will instruct SaneBox to treat the sender as an important person and not filter out future emails.

SaneTomorrow, SaneNextWeek and SaneSnooze allow you to create a customized snooze setting for certain emails in the SaneLater folder, which will make them return into your inbox at the established time.


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Speaking of filtering emails—isn’t it annoying when marketers or websites keep sending you unwanted emails and don’t really offer you a way of stopping the flow? Sure, there’s the unsubscribe button, but shady businesses use that button to determine whether the email address is genuine and in use, meaning that, when clicked, the button that should stop the flow of unwanted emails only confirms that there’s a real person behind that address, and will most likely lead to even more emails. SaneBox has a solution for such scenario as well, and it’s called the SaneBlackHole. As its name suggests, the SaneBlackHole is basically the place you send unwanted emails to die: add an email there once, and that sender will be blocked forever. Simple as that.


The SaneNoReplies feature monitors the emails you send, and notifies you if an email has gone unanswered for a certain period of time. This will allow you to send a follow-up message to that person. Who knows—maybe your email got lost in the crowd, in which case you should really recommend SaneBox to the person at the other end as well.

Sane Attachments

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Sane Attachments tackles another common problem we come across in our daily emailing routine: attachments. Depending on your email provider and your emailing habits, the storage space in your email account may get full pretty quickly, leaving you unable to receive any more attachments. Sane Attachments can automatically manage your attachments and move them to a cloud storage platform, replacing the actual attachment in the email with a link to the file.

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