Having a fashion blog requires a lot of time planning with content and editing photos. If you already have your blog up and running and ready for a steady flow of content, your next goal is to make sure it is exposed. It might sound easy as ABC, but just like any other blog type, your fashion blog is going to compete with a competitive niche and aggressive marketers. And for that, you will need a game plan.

Starting my fashion blog also made it difficult for me on its early stages, and you can’t expect it to give you returns and a steady flow of traffic even after a year. However, this doesn’t mean you have to invest a fortune to make your blog trend. After months of experimenting, I have discovered five smart ways that made my fashion blog trend.

Let Your Blog Mature

Yes, giving your blog sometime to mature and develop some sense of “authority” will help drive blog traffic. Domain Authority is what they call it, and I learned it from an SEO forum I’ve been to. Domain Authority or DA is one of Google’s Ranking factors, and it has three main attributing factors; Age, Traffic, and Size.

Google will rank you according to your relevance and authority, so if Google finds your site as aged, with a lot of valuable content, it will likely choose you over other younger sites. Don’t get hurt if your content doesn’t get exposed right away because your blog is too young.

Domain Authority is also affected by how often you update your site with fresh content. Keep on adding valuable content, and soon you’ll be found. The value of your content is what will make Google find you and people to keep visiting you.

Don’t be afraid to learn new things. If you have spare time you can learn about how keywording works, how links matter and SEO in general. Despite the mystique, it’s something you’d want to learn, so you won’t get left behind.

Take Note of User Experience

Fashion Bloggers take more time in the “behind-the-scenes” rather than on their actual website. Remember that your pictures will only get noticed if your site is easy to navigate, the pages load fast, and it is optimized for mobile use.

Take note of your target market. If you aim for millennials, they are most likely going to use their mobile devices in scanning sites such as yours for a wedding or outdoor inspiration or whatever reason. Make sure Google indexes your site for mobile users.

Use Human Movement in Your Content

One thing that also makes a fashion blog trend is the use of human action in every photo. Remember that you are not just trying to sell clothes, you have to portray the persona of each clothes. It’s more than just women or men posing with the clothes on a white or green background.

People are more enticed to buy or come back to your fashion blog if they find pictures as examples on how to wear the clothes right. Make it relatable to them, so they can imagine wearing it themselves.

One example of this is wearing the clothes on the beach with someone looking at the sunset.  Use relatable words to define the image like, “match that perfect romantic scene with the right boho dress,” or “skating will never be the same when you have style.”

Have Diverse Model-Types

In relation to what’s previously mentioned, make sure your site is relatable to your blog visitors. Encourage body size diversity and find models that most people can relate to. If your photos only show people with ideal body size, type or color, it will narrow down your reach. You will not stand out.

Show medium-sized models wearing those clothes as candid pictures of their daily life, and they should feel like, “Finally! A site that can teach me to be stylish!”

Having plus-sized individuals on your blog will also reach out to people of the same size. In the same manner, it should be a candid photo of them living their daily lives, simple yet stylish at the same time. It should intrigue people to ask themselves, “what is she/he wearing?”

Utilize Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site as you can tell, so make sure to link your blog with your Facebook account. Create outstanding content that is focused on one small sub-niche every time you post something.

Instagram is a good place to gather followers since it only includes photos, you can highlight your blog’s photos here as well. Link it to your blog to generate better traffic. Finally, Pinterest is a beautiful place to compete in. If you know how to stand out, you’ll get more pins and more chances of having blog traffic.

You can also venture with social media ads. If you are trying to monetize your blog, investing on a Facebook Ad is a good place to start.

Jenny ParkAuthor: Jenny Park is a passionate fashion blogger and writer. Anime is one of her fashion inspiration, and she can turn caffeine to great DIY dresses no matter what size. She is actively campaigning for body diversity in the fashion industry, and the French Connection is helping her make this happen.

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