Working from home is becoming increasingly common, with Gallup reporting that over 43 percent of American citizens choose to do some work remotely. This trend is growing as it saves money and time for both the employee and employer. Quartz reports that a telecommuter can save almost $2500 a year by working from home. The practice is also attractive as it allows workers to spend time with their family and maintain multiple jobs which will increase their overall income. Keep reading if you are interested in working from home.

Web Design

If you have a background in web or graphic design, consider becoming a freelancer and working online to companies who want small projects done. UX, Graphics, or Web Design have never been hotter. User Experience Design creates the interfaces that mobile users love; including the apps that you use on your iPhone or Android Smartphone. This job requires you to have at least five years of experience in user interface and interaction design.

If you have a creative side and a love for everything techy, you should definitely consider this job.  Just remember to build a strong portfolio, in the beginning, you might have to work for a less than desirable payment but getting a good review can go a long way!

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Become an Airbnb Host

Hosting guests may not strictly be a ‘job’ but if you need to earn some cash while balancing your various other responsibilities, it’s something you should consider.

Look into becoming an Airbnb host if you are in a house with an extra room or an apartment that is empty. You’ll basically be renting to strangers but they’ll be strangers that meet your strict terms and requirements. You’ll also be protected by Airbnb!

Try to be as hospitable as possible. Remember you are ‘hosting’ them and you need their good reviews to keep your business going. Just remember to decide how long you’re willing to host them for, whether you have any specific rules that you’d like to abide by and keep all the payments and communications within Airbnb.

Visit the Airbnb website now to get started!

Virtual Assistant

If you are extremely organized, love schedules and are eager to learn, consider working from home as a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you will manage your client’s office tasks, without leaving your home! Some of your ‘office’ duties may include making traffic arrangements, organizing meetings, responding to the emails your client receives. Basically, admin work that they’d usually hire an onsite assistant for.

To be successful at this jobs you need to be approachable, responsible and be willing to communicate. Remember, they are the boss and you have to make sure that the work gets done.

BestofBudgets has published 6 great Virtual Assistant Courses you should study to become a full-time VA as quickly as possible.

Look into Writing

The internet has more articles and blog posts than there are stars in the sky. Many of these articles are written by freelance writers, and if you have a good grasp of your language you can become one as well, cashing in on publishers’ insatiable need for new content.

The official term is ‘content writing,’ and a content writer basically writes the material that is featured on the internet. If writing bores you then consider editing instead. You can ask clients to give you the work that they aren’t satisfied with and then fix it up for them.

If clients are happy with your work, they’ll keep you on for more work. In the freelancing business, good feedback is key!

Content writers can find work on platforms like Upwork and


If writing out articles or editing just isn’t your cup of tea, consider becoming a transcriber. All you need is a laptop with a good internet connection and great sound. The job is great for people who are just jumping on the freelancing bandwagon, as it requires minimal experience. You just need to be a fast writer with an ear for accents because you’ll be typing out audio recordings, word for word.

You can find an updated list of the best transcription jobs available here.

Teaching online

Good teachers are always hard to find. If you find that you can help children to understand complex issues when you are talking to them at your friend’s dinner table, why not turn it into a career? You don’t need to leave your house, just find websites which offer online teaching and sign up. If you have a friend abroad, with a son who struggles at math, offer to help.

The point is to put your skills to the test and help kids to understand their work. The most important thing is to choose a subject that you feel comfortable with; whether it be math, science or spoken English.

To become a teacher, check out and


YouTube can be a great place to earn money, especially if you have a great screen presence. You’ll need to build up a following before you can make money so make an account, choose a topic to discuss and start posting videos.

If you aren’t sure what to post get ideas from other YouTuber’s with a large following; Logan Paul, Ryan Higga and Pewdiepie are just a few of the names that you may come across. What makes them stand out? You can get an idea of this by reading the comments below their videos, see why people keep coming back to them and then work out how you can do something that’s similar and yet unique to you.

Just visit YouTube and start walking down your road to fame today!

In the end, working from home is all about understanding what skills you have and finding ways to profit off them! Sit back and think about it, what you do best and is there a way that you can ‘sell’ them to people, without leaving your home. It’ll take time and effort but it’ll all be worth it once you start building up your business.