As a medium of entertainment and information, videos are highly accepted by consumers. According to the present trend the demand for video, be it for work or play, is not going to decrease in the next few years, with one report that says in the next four years streaming video is going to encompass approximately 71 percent of internet traffic. 

In fact, video is a highly preferred tool for consumer-facing companies encompassing diverse fields like retail, healthcare, financial services, technology, and entertainment, which are making significant use of videos to establish brand identity and to highlight their services and products. Apart from this, it is interesting to find out whether B2B (Business TO Business) companies are also making use of it. And the fact is for B2B companies, where consumers are not direct customers, video can prove to be more advantageous. And when it is about video, the Animated Video Production is definitely a way that serves the purpose.
Why Animated Videos Are Most Powerful Tools for B2B Companies
Animation is always a powerful tool for delivering various kinds of messages. Animated video is equally powerful and it is all the more on the internet where YouTube receives billions of hits every year and directs traffic to other websites from video links. Unlike consumer facing companies, B2B companies like to work more behind-the-scenes, and for them animated video is an effective medium to communicate, to show and tell potential clients about what they do and why it is important. Moreover, B2B organizations also use animated videos to demonstrate that business customers and end-users rely on their services already.
It is the animated video that can keep your customers glued to your site longer and make a deeper impact on potential customers than those large volumes of text or other live action videos. Animated videos can be much more impressive to explain your company, products, and services. These short length “explainer” videos provide an attractive and catchy introduction for your potential customers and help you turn them from wandering internet surfers into actual customers.
B2B companies can summarize the company’s style, put an illustrated explanation of a vital product, and present an animated video production of your service, what you wish to do, and so on. With animated videos you can you can focus on precise and specific information and get it delivered in an entertaining manner. For companies expanding solutions and extending into new markets, animated videos can prove to be a powerful tool to get the organization introduced to a new set of customers. The videos can also complement your written marketing materials in an excellent way.
For B2B companies animated videos are the best means of telling their stories and showing their solutions to customers. To make these videos more impactful the B2B companies can make a few key considerations. Customers are a powerful ally to tell your success story. So on one hand the company can try to explain what they do and on the other hand a customer can tell the story of how the company solved his specific needs. There are many videos where customers are demonstrated using the solutions, which is beneficial in creating awareness.
Animated videos produced by professionals are unique and tailored to the specific needs of the B2B companies. You can use them after production, which means for advertising, sending to local media, part of a convention presentation, as part of a display, or whichever way you like. B2B companies can showcase their solutions and highlight their key products and solutions with animated videos using specialized approaches. Animated video productions featuring animated characters, enumerating the benefits of using their products and services, and demonstrating how they work prove to be highly effective.
It is universally accepted that video is an excellent medium for demonstrating industry expertise and a prime way of attracting customers. A video featuring an executive enumerating the annual technology trends predictions with link to capabilities and solutions of a B2B company can prove to be a mighty tool.
The rapid growth of mobile video usage has presented tremendous opportunities to escalate the use video as a means of communication and education for the B2B companies who can gain extensively by capitalizing on this trend.
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Donna Baxter is an expert on animated videos who has been working in this field for the past 7 years. She likes to impart her thoughts with her readers pertaining to Animated Video and Animated Video Production. In this article she is sharing some valuable information with us on why Animated Videos Are Powerful Tools for B2B Companies.
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