My local library places lovely floral bouquets on the check-out counter. Always seasonal. Always tasteful. And always accompanied by a business card from the nearby small business who arranged these displays.

Our nearby Main Street town provides a bi-monthly magazine chock full of activities and events as well as several profiles of area small businesses. And the captions include a plug for the local photographers, highlighting their specialty poses.

As a small business owner, you may not know every time you catch a potential customer’s eye. But the more your name and company information is out in the public, you increase your chances considerably.
How can you become more active around town as a small business? The possibilities are seemingly endless, provided that you step outside your actual business and see what’s around you.

  • Drive (or walk) around town. Check out the local services that cater to area events. Talk to the office manager or the concierge. See if your local hotel allows space for area businesses to leave pamphlets and information. If your business lends itself to special events, find out if you can leave samples of your work. And check back often to ensure your literature is still plentiful.
  • Talk to your town executive who oversees event planning and local happenings. Most likely, they put out a weekly or monthly email or flyer at local municipal places (such as the library) as well as an annual calendar of events, which often includes information about local business. Some even have advertisements along the side of the monthly agendas.
  • Visit local museums and recreational facilities. Go inside, such as your local hockey rink, and outdoors, like the nearest splish-splash park. Many times, they set aside an area for local store and service literature.
  • Examine your local print and online newspapers for opportunities to profile your company. If you have a local magazine or online feature publication, offer your services for an article. You may need to draft something yourself and submit it, so let your creative juices flow (and don’t forget to proofread!).
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