How to Protect Your Business Idea

Your ideas can be as valuable to you as your physical property and protecting them should be something every business owner, inventor, or entrepreneur takes into consideration. Before you pitch your idea, there are some things to keep in mind about protecting your creativity.

How to Measure the Potential of Your Startup Idea

When you're solving your own problem or one that you feel is the pain point of a certain target audience, how do you know whether there is a large enough pool of people that face the same problems or challenges that you are trying to solve?

Insights from a Successful Solopreneur

This post is going to talk about the journey of a solopreneur, Bjorn Forsberg, who successfully launched a Shopify product, OrderlyPrint, while continuing his day job. There are some interesting lessons from his journey that contradict a lot of what you read about entrepreneurship.

Top 7 Tips for Individuals Starting a Pharmacy Business

Many people are tired of the chain pharmacies and want more of a personal feeling. With a small, independent pharmacy business, the pharmacists can get to know their clients, and the clients can feel a bit more confident that they are being taken care of. So how does someone start a pharmacy business?

How to Re-Build a Successful Team the Second Time Around

For the serial entrepreneur, it's hard to know whether to bring back the same team or start fresh for your second or third company. If you're building a team the second or third time around, here are some questions to ask before you start calling the original team back to action.

5 Essential Components When Planning a Startup Business

If you've been thinking about pursuing your very own startup business, there are a few considerations that you'll want to keep top of mind. Although these components are not the most exciting aspects of planning a startup, they are essential to ensure the future success and sustainability of your business.

Invention: The Entrepreneurial Curse

Unfortunately, the death knell for many wide-eyed entrepreneurs is that they consider themselves inventors. More specifically, they confuse being inventive with being innovative. And when they do, they run out of cash, time and customers. In other words, they run out of business.

Three Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Starting My First Startup

If I had discovered these top three lessons when I first began as an entrepreneur, perhaps I would have been able to indulge in more than deli sandwiches earlier on in my career. If you’re a first time entrepreneur, taking these tips to heart can really influence your progress...

The Most Web-Savvy Cities in the U.S.

Which city do the most web-savvy small businesses call home? With the Radius database as officiator, we compared the small businesses in all major U.S. cities based on a number of web savvy behaviors, including social media activity, website presence, daily deal offerings, and more.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

When you’ve taken the time and effort to develop a unique product or service, you will want to protect your intellectual property so that other companies are not able to make money off of your ideas. There are a variety of forms of protection for intellectual property that you can get in the United States, and it’s important for you to know the differences between them and what you need to do to apply for these protections for your business.

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