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5 Top Tips to Help Grow Your Startup

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5 Top Tips to Help Grow Your Startup

Starting a business from scratch is a notoriously difficult and demanding challenge. There is no single secret to success in this competitive context but there are ways to help tilt the odds in your favor.

1. Don’t expect instant success

Being ambitious is almost a prerequisite for anyone taking up the challenge of setting up a new business, but it’s also important to temper your expectations, particularly in the early stages.

Very few startups have a meteoric rise after they are created. Sustainable success is generally built on steady progress over the course of weeks, months and years. The key for bosses is to target realistic goals and to stay focused on what can be controlled in the near term, rather than dwell too much on best-case scenarios.

2. Keep trying to innovate

A startup that can innovate and find new ways of working will generally stand a much better chance than a company that is more rigid and inflexible.

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Innovation doesn’t always mean finding ideas that change the world, though. It might just mean finding ways of being more efficient, cutting costs or improving outcomes.

Or it might mean tapping into new marketing tools or lead generation strategies. It all helps and it can be crucial to keep pushing for even marginal gains across the board.

3. Work well with others

When money is tight, as it will generally be for a startup company, an ability to collaborate and to trade services with fellow fledgling businesses can be really useful.

Startups tend to be open to the idea of helping out other startups in mutually beneficial ways. It’s important to be alive to these opportunities if you’re looking to develop a new business.

4. Use technology to your advantage

This might seem like an obvious tip to offer but it bears emphasizing. It’s easy to overlook just how important it is to use the right tools for each task you take on as a startup.

The potential of the latest communication technologies alone is enormous and it can be crucial for new businesses to be aware of any apps that could help optimize their operations.

5. Delegate with diligence

Even for the most ambitious and tenacious of business bosses, success cannot be achieved alone. There will be times when certain operational aspects need to be delegated to internal employees or to third-party service providers.

Outsourcing is certainly an option worth considering in many contexts for startups looking to maximize their resources. The key for bosses is to think carefully about how their own efforts and their company’s resources are best deployed and for decisions on delegation to be tackled from that basis.

Author: Mark Halstead works with https://www.redflagalert.com/, part of the Begbies Traynor Group, and is now in his 10th year with the business. He’s worked at companies across the financial services industry and is a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing.

Published: October 15, 2015

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