Half a Dozen Tips for New Bakery Owners

Running a bakery is not easy, and running a successful one is a whole other story. With long hours and hard work being the norm, it's difficult for even the best bakers to run a profitable business.

6 Ways Startups are Fooled by Prior Business Models

As an entrepreneur mentor and startup investor, I see with sadness the 50 to 90 percent that fail. If you ask them for a...

Consultant Andy Erickson on Consulting

Consultant Andy Erickson shares his journey from voluntarily leaving the safety of his management job at Boeing to his role today as a contract management consultant.

Half of New Businesses Don’t Survive the First 5 Years: Don’t Be One of...

At one time or another, most of us have thought about starting a business. The temptation of being your own boss, making your own...

Taking Action: From MVP to Profitable Small Business in One Month

How long did you wait to start your business? A week... a month... a year? Almost everyone I know has one major regret when it comes to their business: that they didn't start sooner.

Entrepreneurs Dot No Easily Retire

So you've successfully sold your business and have received enough money from the sale to become financially independent, no longer having to work for a living.

The Billion-Dollar Idea Fallacy

What is wrong, you ask, with thinking your business idea is worth a billion dollar idea? That you have the next unicorn? Nothing… Nothing. That’s a...

Thinking of Starting a Business? Don’t Rely Too Much on the Advice of Others

Everyone has advice. Sometimes it is good advice, sometimes not so much. Advice can be a great thing in many aspects of life, including...

Is It an Over Saturated Market?

I would be rich if I had a penny every time someone told me their company was an over-saturated market! I have heard it from all different companies, both large and small, in every product line. People who live in the back woods and the big cities all say the same thing:

Lessons from the Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery

Jamaican-born Lowell Hawthorne's recipe for entrepreneurial success has been to offer West Indian natives living in the U.S. a taste of home.

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