Buying a Mobile Food Business: 10 Things to Consider

Food trucks and carts have come a long way since the days of greasy ‘roach coaches’. People generally have more refined tastes and higher...

SWOT Analysis

The difference between an ordinary business plan and a strategic business plan is a SWOT Analysis. This breaks down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for your business, and shows that you have fully researched your idea.

Cheap Market Research Methods for Startups

In the startup world there exists the myth of the "perfect idea." Many entrepreneurs become so caught up in pursuit of this mythical event that they never take any action on the seemingly mundane or unoriginal ideas that they do have.

4 Ways the Gig Economy Can Help a Startup

In today’s business world, the gig economy combined with the unique startup company model are overhauling the traditional 9-5 job experience that most workers...

How to Open Your Own Cafe or Coffee Shop

We have seen a dynamic change on Main Street over the past two years, with retail clothing giants replaced by boutique and independent coffee shops and cafés that mimic those of Italy and France.

Create a Value Proposition by Knowing Your Target Audience

The next step in writing a value proposition is to identify your target audience and craft your message to them. Too many companies attempt to define their value proposition only in terms of their product. A product on its own, though, holds no value.

No One Is Going to Pay You for Your Ideas

Untested ideas are like unwritten novels. All unwritten novels are brilliant—on the minds of would-be authors who didn't write them.

All Ideas Are Brilliant Before They Are Executed

Everybody has ideas, Millions of them are floating around everywhere. Every problem anybody encounters is a solution waiting to be unwrapped.

Is Your Business Really a Business?

Is your business really a business? It might sound like a silly question, but it’s an important one, especially around tax time. There are guidelines to help you determine whether your activities are considered a business or a hobby under the law.

8 Key Ingredients to a Profitable Consulting Business

Most of the guidance you see for entrepreneurs is aimed at those who are selling a product (Apple, Tesla, Xiaomi), or selling a service...

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