8 Ways to Rock Your Business, From the Founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy...

You don't have to have an international rock star headlining your idea in order to know if it's worth pursuing, nor do you need a million dollars to make it a success. Through my experiences developing concerts, tours, and Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, I've discovered that great ideas all share four common characteristics.

Business or Hobby, What is the Difference?

Maybe you cater for your friends, maybe you make jewelry, maybe you sell your artwork, maybe you have a lemonade stand—regardless of what you...

5 Things You Should Expect from Your Business Broker

A business broker can be a huge asset to anyone trying to sell their business because a good broker brings experience and expertise to the table.

How to Launch Your MVP Faster and Smarter

The concept of the MVP has been well-defined by those much smarter than myself, but the application of its principles has only been loosely upheld.

Important Pitch Lesson: The Best Business Plans Change

My favorite moment in a recent business plan contest: The entrepreneurs put up a projected income slide. One of the judges commented that what...

Pervasive Startup Myth: Don’t Work for Free

Startup myth: The one about founders having to work for free to impress angel investors. This supposedly shows passion. Don’t believe it. Investors want...

Evaluating International Risk

A big reason why most small businesses don't approach foreign markets is because of the myriad risks associated with global operations. While international risk is certainly not something to take lightly, a careful assessment of the primary dangers that your business faces will ensure that you're ready for whatever challenges you might face.

How to Open Your Own Cafe or Coffee Shop

We have seen a dynamic change on Main Street over the past two years, with retail clothing giants replaced by boutique and independent coffee shops and cafés that mimic those of Italy and France.

4 Ways to Make Your Business Plan Stand Out to Investors

When a start-up presents a business plan, it's the job of a savvy potential investor to poke as many holes in it as possible. They don't need to figure out why they should risk their hard-earned, non-refundable money into your start-up business.

Why You Should Use 3D Printing for Your First Prototype

Even for smart entrepreneurs with a great new product idea, an extensive business background, and a spot-on sales pitch, the manufacturing process can be...

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