Taking Action: From MVP to Profitable Small Business in One Month

How long did you wait to start your business? A week... a month... a year? Almost everyone I know has one major regret when it comes to their business: that they didn't start sooner.

How to Open Your Own Cafe or Coffee Shop

We have seen a dynamic change on Main Street over the past two years, with retail clothing giants replaced by boutique and independent coffee shops and cafés that mimic those of Italy and France.

Create a Business Plan

When people plan a road trip, they generally like to map out in advance where they would like to go, how much time they will spend, etc. For entrepreneurs, a business plan provides a road map or where you want your business to go.

Important Pitch Lesson: The Best Business Plans Change

My favorite moment in a recent business plan contest: The entrepreneurs put up a projected income slide. One of the judges commented that what...

What Do I Include in a 1-Page Business Plan?

I am entering a competition that is asking for a one page business plan and I am having a hard time trying to determine what to put on it and what not to include. What information is absolutely required?

Feasibility Empowers Business Plans

Having a business plan and sufficient capital are some of the first steps in being a fruitful entrepreneur; however, these things alone do not...

How Toms Shoes Turned Social Responsibility into a Primary Business Strategy

Toms Shoes is a company that probably needs no introduction. It’s the shoe company that combined innovative business practices with philanthropy and got itself...

Half a Dozen Tips for New Bakery Owners

Running a bakery is not easy, and running a successful one is a whole other story. With long hours and hard work being the norm, it's difficult for even the best bakers to run a profitable business.

How to Choose Your Own Venture

As a professor of social entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur, people often approach me with all their ideas. They get overwhelmed with how to start choosing their first venture (or second, for that matter). Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or starting another venture, you begin the same way.

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Solid Business Plan

In order to create a successful company, you need a solid business plan. Some people try to skip this step and jump right into...

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