Creativity and Clutter: Friends or Enemies?

Does clutter affect creativity? I can give you quotes that say it does, and research that says it doesn’t. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence...

4 Initiatives to Hone a Business Innovation Mindset

Why do a few entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, seem to come up with all the real innovations, while the majority of...

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Ideas

Being excited about your idea is a good thing, but you need to stay objective about it. Remember that for every idea that works out and turns into a great success, there are many others that don’t. It takes a lot of strength to move on, but sometimes you have to do it.

Disruption: Are You the Next Dodo Bird?

Marketing is always ripe with buzzwords that may or may not have any traction. Part of our role as marketing professionals and business leaders...

Will Tech Kill Your Job?

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. “My job as a (newspaper publisher telephone installer, stockbroker, travel agent, retail store manager) is safe...

5 Hot Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In order to succeed, small business owners must have a knack for predicting the future. Rather than just rely on their inherent desire to be an entrepreneur, they must also carry a figurative crystal ball with them at all times, keeping abreast of any and all trends that will help earn business.

Mobile Businesses: Is Opportunity Rolling into Your Future?

Sometimes old good ideas make the best new ideas and that's what we are currently witnessing with the resurgence of mobile businesses. Today, what started as a food truck renaissance has now spread to a wide range of commercial activities.

5 Reasons the Manufacturing Industry is Ready for a Boom

At first glance, the era of American manufacturing looks to have passed. However, due to many changes in the nation, across industries, and with technology, it looks like manufacturing is ready to make a comeback in the United States.

3 Signs It Is Time to Grow

Growth is a funny thing. Too much too fast is not good, but not growing when the time is right is not a smart...

Changes in the Manufacturing Industry: What Product Companies Must Do to Survive

I'm talking about every product company in every industry—toys, medical devices, cars, electronics. . . . They're all facing disruption, and it's very real...

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