As the Cupcake Crumbles: What Small Businesses Can Learn

You don't want to be a one trick pony because eventually customers will tire of the same old, same old and move on. You may hang on for a while, but most likely if you don't diversify your offering and keep up with market trends, your business will fail.

5 Ways to Use Periscope for Your Business

Periscope is a way to use mobile live-streaming to market your business. The app is proving to be a powerful tool—it allows you to...

Lights-Out Manufacturing: Future Fantasy or Good Business?

“Naturally, Man should want to stand on his own two feet … but how can he when his own machines cut the ground out...

5 Hot Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In order to succeed, small business owners must have a knack for predicting the future. Rather than just rely on their inherent desire to be an entrepreneur, they must also carry a figurative crystal ball with them at all times, keeping abreast of any and all trends that will help earn business.

How Many Innovations Are Carefully Planned?

Most innovations come from responding to a customer's needs, or finding a niche where products need improvement or extension. It is rare to innovate using a blank sheet of paper in a room with bare walls and no other contributors.

5 Wishes Every CEO Wants for the New Year

As a kid, my parents would start to strategically plant the words "naughty" and "nice" beginning in late November. The Santa card was powerful, and they played it early and often.

Innovation Nation?

Is government good or bad for innovation? If you ask whether government is good or bad for innovation, it isn't very difficult to argue either point.

Startups Must Embrace “Coopetition” for Rapid Growth

Startup founders are known for their passion for their startup idea, and for their passion to kill every competitor. Thus they often overlook the fact that their biggest growth opportunity may be a win-win collaboration with a serious competitor, known in the business as coopetition.

Failure is the Greatest of Teachers

Not all companies are successful. The end game can be a failure of the business. In fact, many angel investors or venture capitalists look for and respect the lessons learned by entrepreneurs that have survived a failed business.

Agility: The New Currency of Growth

Whether you are David and Goliath, Blockbuster and Netflix, the Encyclopedia Britannica and Google, agility is the new currency of growth. There's more bad news for the heavyweights because even when they LOVE the lumbering giant, the little guy can unwittingly bring him down.

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