8 Myths That Can Inhibit Innovation in Your Business

Starting an entrepreneurial business, or maintaining the competitiveness of a mature business, requires innovation. Yet everyone I know seems to have a different perspective...

Don’t Let Too Many Features Ruin Your Next Product

"Scope creep" (or feature creep) is an insidious disease that kills more new business solutions than any other, especially high-tech ones, and yet most founders (who may be the cause) never even see it happening.

OnTheRadio Transcript, Interview with Tim Berry

"I think there is a link from the late 60s all the way through to the amazing explosion of possibilities we have with social media today. Bill Gates was like 18 when he did the early version of Microsoft. And the changes in society made that more feasible, compared to the 50s."

8 Small Business Hacks for Growth and Productivity

I view small business hacks as falling into two categories: strategies and habits. And, whether it’s a strategy or a habit, I think that...

Whoa. Wow! Hmmm. Yes! (How Steve Jobs Got It Right)

Credit Dr. Mark Goulston with this headline. Mark teaches that there is a process to innovation that can be summed up with these four...

Does Your Innovation Engine Need a Tune Up?

Today I had three separate conversations with: A startup that was running out of cash; A mid-sized, 50-year-old business looking to reinvent itself; and A Fortune 2000 with...

Is It Too Late to Reinvent Our Universities?

As a dad, entrepreneur, optimist and Idea Monkey, I'll start by submitting three empowering concepts that colleges should have embraced 10 years ago, and with the proper leadership, they could absolutely be dominating today.

Forget the Consumer Internet of Things: IIOT is Where It’s Really At

Billionaire publisher Malcolm Forbes coined the saying, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” And upon his death, Forbes certainly had a lot...

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Ideas

Being excited about your idea is a good thing, but you need to stay objective about it. Remember that for every idea that works out and turns into a great success, there are many others that don’t. It takes a lot of strength to move on, but sometimes you have to do it.

How Technology Has Changed the Meeting

Communication systems have transitioned from simple rotary telephones to clear video and cloud-based presentation systems within only a few short decades.

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