Why Failing Can Be Good

Over the years, I've had multiple businesses fail on me. But for every failure, I've gained priceless knowledge and insight which has helped me in my next venture. The key is to not give up. Keep yourself motivated and focused as you push on to your next venture.

When the Shift Hits the Fan

Your Industry Is Changing. Now What? There comes a time in every business when it becomes apparent that your product, service or business model is no longer relevant.

The Advice All Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

In 2011, my friend Kostas and I saw an opportunity. If we developed a hyper-accurate keyboard app—one that enabled users to type without looking at the screen—we could change the way people interacted with mobile technology.

Will Tech Kill Your Job?

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. “My job as a (newspaper publisher telephone installer, stockbroker, travel agent, retail store manager) is safe...

Growth Comes from Entrepreneurship

There is no country in the world where the culture of entrepreneurship is more central to life for millions of people than the United States. Think of the greatest innovations of the past century, and beyond. How many of them came from the United States?

How to Grow Your Business While Making a Difference

This year, the media has unearthed a lot of unscrupulous and unethical business tactics by large corporate entities and household names many of us...

The Secret Weapon of the Innovator

If you are a successful entrepreneur or intrapraneur, you are probably an "idea guy" or work with one of these dangerously endearing men or women. Let me introduce you to someone who may be the ultimate idea guy to show you why ideas alone are not enough. (And what's lacking, as you will see, goes far beyond just execution.)

Reward Success and Failure. Punish Only Inaction.

Reward failure? That may be a difficult concept for an executive. And there are limits of course. We wouldn't reward a failure to follow laws, or protect lives, or deliberate endangerment of the company or its people.

10 Alarming Signs That Your Business is in Trouble

My grandfather delivered milk by horse and cart. Clopping hooves, the clink of bottles and the promise of daily delivered fresh milk is now but a faint memory. It was his life and business. Large supermarket chains have claimed his job.

Heavy Business Losses? How to Transform Your Company’s Financial Strategies

Running a business is no easy feat. Staying ahead of the competition, managing employees and turning a profit can be enough to drive anyone...

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