Crowdsource Your Business: Iceland’s Doing It!

Crowdsourcing is to operational problem solving what cloud computing is to computational resources and memory. With one difference: crowdsourcing is in the real world, while "the cloud" is in the virtual.

How to Be the Next Netflix (and What Will Happen if You’re Not)

I have fond memories of walking up to my local Blockbuster to browse the latest VHS releases… There was one on every corner. It was...

When the Shift Hits the Fan

Your Industry Is Changing. Now What? There comes a time in every business when it becomes apparent that your product, service or business model is no longer relevant.

Whoa. Wow! Hmmm. Yes! (How Steve Jobs Got It Right)

Credit Dr. Mark Goulston with this headline. Mark teaches that there is a process to innovation that can be summed up with these four...

The Future of Work and Automation Will Kick-Start Jobs

It’s a question that’s been asked for well over 50 years: Are robots coming for your jobs? The thing is, the pundits declaring that automation is...

How Artificial Intelligence Can Grow Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence in the form of Siri or IBM’s Watson get a ton of press these days, but AI as a resource for SMB...

Why the “Why” is Important

As sales people, we know the “why” is very important in probing our customers. “Why do they feel this way? Why do you do...

What Google (and You) Can Learn from Amazon

Amazon's strategy and decision-making process starts (and perhaps ends) with improving the customer experience. Every important meeting, project, or initiative at Amazon begins with a discussion of how the ideas will ultimately benefit customers.

Nothing Small About Big Data’s Potential

Nowadays, both small and large businesses have large amounts of data to manage and analyze, and some companies are finding it difficult to perform this task effectively with traditional data management tools.

Are You Measuring What Matters?

In my later years with the Vikings, we measured and studied the criteria of a successful offense, and it made a huge impact on our team. And believe it or not, we did it by applying lessons I learned on the factory floors of the textile mills of South Carolina and Georgia.

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