Drafting is a Great Concept for Business

Being in the lead position does have its benefits. You garner market share and name recognition, both of which are so important. The more you have of these two elements, the greater the probability that you will stay in the lead.

How Technology Has Changed the Meeting

Communication systems have transitioned from simple rotary telephones to clear video and cloud-based presentation systems within only a few short decades.

Inside the Gig Economy

When you’re starting a small business it may be difficult to hire all the help you need when you don’t know how fast your...

Are You Measuring What Matters?

In my later years with the Vikings, we measured and studied the criteria of a successful offense, and it made a huge impact on our team. And believe it or not, we did it by applying lessons I learned on the factory floors of the textile mills of South Carolina and Georgia.

When Your Business Outgrows Your Skills

Every person starting a business thinks they will be able to run it no matter what. Whether annual sales are $300,000 or $30 million, they all believe there is no one who could run their business better.

Lights-Out Manufacturing: Future Fantasy or Good Business?

“Naturally, Man should want to stand on his own two feet … but how can he when his own machines cut the ground out...

3 Ways to Keep Your Business on the Brink of Innovation

One thing I have learned about growing a business through my own experience co-founding a nontraditional marketing agency is that it’s crucial to always keep...

8 Key Principles to Keep Up with the Speed of Change

Things change so fast these days in business that your first priority as an entrepreneur is to stay current, by talking to customers, peers,...

Brexit: Instead of Deregulation, British Small Businesses Face Uncertainty

A key argument for Brexit was that the UK’s businesses could break free from the EU’s web of regulations. Eurosceptics see EU bureaucrats much...

Creativity and Clutter: Friends or Enemies?

Does clutter affect creativity? I can give you quotes that say it does, and research that says it doesn’t. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence...

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