How to Simplify Your Business (Even as it Grows)

Is your business too complicated? This is a common side effect of fast growth. It can cause big problems if left unchecked. That old, special-offer landing page you forget still existed can cause a huge headache when customers who now think they're getting a bad deal discover it.

5 Innovative Uses of Blockchain in Your Business

Blockchain isn't just for cryptocurrencies anymore. As Open Source notes, most people associate blockchain with bitcoin, but the technology is far more than just...

How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Your Business

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence has sent the entire market reeling as managers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs try to wrap their head around these...

Failure is the Greatest of Teachers

Not all companies are successful. The end game can be a failure of the business. In fact, many angel investors or venture capitalists look for and respect the lessons learned by entrepreneurs that have survived a failed business.

How Large and Small Businesses Can Overcome the Innovation Paradox

“We need to act more like entrepreneurs, but those guys are nuts.” —a real quote from a Fortune 100 CEO In 2007, a friend and client at...

The Value of Feedback: How Talking to Customers Can Drive Innovation

As an entrepreneur, seeing your product gain traction for the first time is a rush. The early years of ContextMedia were some of the...

Robots in the Workforce: Automation is a New Era for Engineers

Since the dawn of manufacturing, designers and engineers have repeatedly run up against limitations to making things. Their ability to execute and capacity to afford...

5 Trends to Watch for Green Construction Technology

The volume of construction output worldwide is projected to grow by 85 percent by 2030. This puts the global construction industry in a challenging position: It...

8 Ways to Tell if Your Startup is Ready to Innovate

What sparks paradigm-shifting innovation in any business? It's a special mix of entrepreneur and company, regular in every respect except for having the courage and foresight to make an idea happen that was supposed to be impossible.

When Your Business Outgrows Your Skills

Every person starting a business thinks they will be able to run it no matter what. Whether annual sales are $300,000 or $30 million, they all believe there is no one who could run their business better.

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