Will My Job Be Completely Different Very, Very Soon?

You may have noticed that Napster Moments are happening more and more often. You also may have noticed that many executives don't see them coming until it is too late.

3 Trends Changing the Future of Infrastructure Investment

The world wants more infrastructure—a lot more. Whichever forecast you read, the numbers are staggering. By 2020, China will have completed installation of 31,000 miles of high-speed...

7 Tricks to Transform Yourself from a Local Merchant into an International Marketer

A great example of a local merchant who started from the bottom in online merchandising is Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, which has transformed into the...

How Technology Has Changed the Meeting

Communication systems have transitioned from simple rotary telephones to clear video and cloud-based presentation systems within only a few short decades.

Don’t Let Too Many Features Ruin Your Next Product

"Scope creep" (or feature creep) is an insidious disease that kills more new business solutions than any other, especially high-tech ones, and yet most founders (who may be the cause) never even see it happening.

The Next Wave of Manufacturing Industry Trends

Time and technology wait for no one, especially when you’re talking about the ever-evolving, fast-paced world of hardware manufacturing. Not only are advances being made...

As the Cupcake Crumbles: What Small Businesses Can Learn

You don't want to be a one trick pony because eventually customers will tire of the same old, same old and move on. You may hang on for a while, but most likely if you don't diversify your offering and keep up with market trends, your business will fail.

When the Shift Hits the Fan

Your Industry Is Changing. Now What? There comes a time in every business when it becomes apparent that your product, service or business model is no longer relevant.

Are You Measuring What Matters?

In my later years with the Vikings, we measured and studied the criteria of a successful offense, and it made a huge impact on our team. And believe it or not, we did it by applying lessons I learned on the factory floors of the textile mills of South Carolina and Georgia.

The Advice All Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

In 2011, my friend Kostas and I saw an opportunity. If we developed a hyper-accurate keyboard app—one that enabled users to type without looking at the screen—we could change the way people interacted with mobile technology.

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