5 Tips to Disrupt Your Customer Service and Beat the Competition

We’re currently in the middle of a transformation, where digital technologies are disrupting the way we conduct our business. Customers are still at the...

Last Impressions

So many businesses go out of their way to make sure their first impressions are great but forget how important last impressions are. Last impressions are how customers decide if they will continue doing business with you, so I think last impressions are more important than first impressions in many ways.

Not Saying “No” to a Customer

One of the hardest things to do is tell a customer they cannot have what they are requesting. Simply saying "no" sends the message that you are unwilling to listen or help. It ends the conversation and leaves the customer feeling angry that their concerns are not being heard and their desires will not be met.

12 Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience

Employee engagement and exceptional customer service play a critical role as a competitive advantage in the business landscape. Great customer service built on a...

Customer Service from the C-Suite to the Mail Room

In a recent interview, I was asked questions about why the leaders of a company in the "C-Suite" should focus on customer service. While the customer service vision may start in the C-Suite, everyone must own the responsibility.

How Weak Leadership Impacts Customer Loyalty

Customer experience is foundational to the success of your organization. As a customer experience expert, and as a customer myself, I have seen my fair...

How Being Available 24/7 Can Improve Your Business

When do consumers want something? Right now. When do they need your attention? 5 minutes ago. People don’t check their watches to see if...

3 Simple Steps to Help You Win the Customer Service Race

Excellent customer service is a hot commodity in today’s challenging economic environment. Your customer relations are truly your only sustainable competitive advantage for growth...

10 Gracious Ways to Manage Angry Customers

At one time or another, I’ll bet your customer service has gone awry, no matter how much you work to avoid it. Whether mistakes...

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