In Marketing, Practice Like You Play

Anyone who has ever played organized sports (or music or dance for that matter) is probably familiar with the coaching axiom, “practice like you...

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Communication?

As leaders, we all understand the undeniable power of communication. While it's important to build a culture of communication within your business, it's equally important to understand its limitations, and when it can actually start to work against us. This is what it means to be an effective communicator.

Transparency: The More Things Change…or Do They?

“…{You} must recognize that we are living in a different generation than the one in which {your} father had lived, and that it was possible,...

How to Persuade Like Bill Clinton

Author’s note: Yes, I know this is a presidential election year. And yes, I know Bill Clinton is married to the Democratic nominee. But this...

Dumbing Things Down Versus Radical Simplification

Our worlds are too complex; we seem to keep piling things onto everything we've done in the past. Too often, however, in response to this complexity and all the "tools" that have been put in place to manage it, instead of seeking simplification we dumb things down.

4 Key Traits of Great Business Leaders

Steve Jobs once said: “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.” If you are about...

How to Make Meetings More Productive (and Keep Your Team Energized)

We've all had them: Unproductive meetings. They're frustrating to everyone involved. These types of meetings leave people feeling drained, irritated, and overwhelmed.

For Entrepreneurs, Conversations Are All Business

Whether you are trying to motivate your team, close a deal with a customer, or get funding from an investor, a casual conversation is usually a waste of your valuable time. These result is a founder who is always "too busy," but never seems to get the business done and the team moving. All real business is conversations focused on creating results.

How to Encourage Open Internal Communication for a Successful Brand

Are your business or nonprofit organization employees or co-workers openly communicating? If not, it has a big problem. How can they ‘live the brand’ internally...

How to Write with Authority

Why do some blogs get traction while others languish? And why are some people recognized as experts and others aren't? One factor is this: the ability (or inability) to write with authority.

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