5 Reasons Your Employees Quit, and How to Stop Them

If you own a business, then you know that keeping your staff as excited about their jobs as you are can feel like an...

Why Your Employees Should Be Your #1 Audience

When people think about marketing, they typically think about external marketing—marketing tactics aimed at potential customers. But no business can afford to forget to actively and regularly market to its own employees. In fact, your employees should be your #1 audience.

There Will Be Some Tethering

Imagine sitting in your dentist’s chair, the sharp end of a blade hovering just above your face, mere inches away from making contact. At...

How to Communicate Your Company’s Vision to Your Employees

Your vision is exactly that: yours. Not everyone has the luxury of immediately understanding the strategy behind your decisions, but it’s important that your...

Have You Identified Your Employees as a Key Target Audience?

I would suggest that communicating usually means creating and delivering messages to an audience. Further, I would suggest that what you really want to do is facilitate a conversation or a dialogue with your employee community.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Group

As leaders, voicing your ideas, problems, and concerns to a group of trusted peers offers perspectives you could not otherwise access. Belonging to a trusted peer group or a board of advisors opens up a variety of benefits.

How to Say “No” With a Smile and Save Your Startup

Entrepreneurs have to know when and how to say ‘no,' and be good at delivering the message. All startup leaders are besieged with requests for their time, attention, talent, money, or influence, and sometimes even good requests won't fit into the time and energy you have available.

Getting Feedback Wrong

We know feedback is important to our own personal development. It’s how we learn and grow, it’s how we improve. All high performers (or...

Context is King

Context is king. When you think about companies who take risks and are edgy when it comes to their marketing, the insurance industry would...

Why Future CEOs Must Quietly Embrace Social Media

Are you being an antisocial leader? If you opt out of being social, how will you know what your consumers want from you? Said differently, if you are not involved in the conversation, how can you listen?

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