Why Your Employees Should Be Your #1 Audience

When people think about marketing, they typically think about external marketing—marketing tactics aimed at potential customers. But no business can afford to forget to actively and regularly market to its own employees. In fact, your employees should be your #1 audience.

Transparency: The More Things Change…or Do They?

“…{You} must recognize that we are living in a different generation than the one in which {your} father had lived, and that it was possible,...

Don’t Create a Disconnect for Your Customers

Remember: whether it is your Facebook presence, your website, your radio spots or how your phone is answered, every one of those choices either connects me closer to your brand or makes me notice the disconnect.

Entrepreneurs Face Serious Communication Barriers

Founders have to communicate their ideas and products to investors, business partners, and the rest of the team. Communication is not just talking, but also listening, writing, body language, and "actions speak louder than words."

Listening: Now That’s a Thought

Received a telephone call from a company doing a survey: Me: Hi, this is Bob. Caller: Is Bob there? Me: Th…this is Bob. Good morning. Caller: I’m doing a survey regarding children...

6 Questions You Need to Answer Before Creating Your Change Communication Plan

When communicating change—especially big, complicated change—would you fire off a few emails and cross your fingers that employees understand what to do? Inspiring confidence...

Don’t Make Assertions That Will Later Prove Untrue

Sometimes it is easy for someone at the top of an organization to make a statement that, in the enthusiasm of the moment or to make a point, crosses the line between fact and fiction.

5 Ways Courageous Leadership Evokes Action and Engagement

Courageous leaders set the tone for organizational performance. When leaders establish themselves as a strong and courageous personality they set the tone for the rest of the company and shape the overall culture.

I’m Not Your Sweetie, Honey, or Darling!

I recently had a call with a representative in the billing department of a vendor who provides technology services to my business. Before I...

6 Tips for Interview Success

As you may recall, a few months ago we wrote a piece about how you can plan and pitch a top-notch PR campaign. Hopefully by...

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