Moments of Truth: Critical Moments That Allow for Transformation

Change is directly related to what is currently happening on a daily basis within your organization, and leaders need to communicate change at the right time and in a way that will make it clear how change will impact team members.

A Riddle: Why Explain Why?

In my early journalism classes, I was taught the five “W’s” of good news stories, and that most should be in the first paragraph...

Is This the Future of Education and Learning?

The knowledge economy rewards those that are willing to make their own path and invest in constant learning and education. The changes to how business and life works have been more revolution than evolution as information has moved online.

How to Craft an Inspirational Speech

Inspirational speakers can be the spark that ignites the passion and devotion of employees. Poorly implemented speeches could leave your employees questioning your ability...

The Power of NO!

Over the years I have counseled entrepreneurs to think of a “no” response in terms of “yes, but…” There is always another way to say...

Why Persuasion is the #1 Skill for Entrepreneurs

Some people say – humorously – that entrepreneurship work is one third persuading investors to invest, one third customers to buy, and one last this persuading your parents to let you stray from the "conventional" path.

Being Clear with Expectations

Few things are as frustrating as working for a manager who gives you an annual review and tells you all the things she thinks you should have been doing during the past year. How is this information helpful now? The year is over. Why weren't these expectations expressed earlier?

How Difficult Is It to Reach You?

Is your organization’s telephone number and email address buried deep in its website? How difficult is it for people to reach you? The last thing you want is...

Never Underestimate the Power of a Group

As leaders, voicing your ideas, problems, and concerns to a group of trusted peers offers perspectives you could not otherwise access. Belonging to a trusted peer group or a board of advisors opens up a variety of benefits.

The Power of Parables as a Leadership Tool

Parable: Defined as a short simple story intended to illustrate a moral or religious lesson. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation through...

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