7 Ways to Find Your Mentor

Running a small business is hard work, and having the right mentor can mean the difference between struggling and succeeding. A mentor has the...

5 Ways to Turn Indifferent Customers Into Raving Fans

Providing good customer service just isn’t enough anymore, not with companies the world over clamoring for the dwindling dollars consumers spend. And heaven forbid your customer service should be classified average! That could, literally, be the death of a company if it’s not turned around quickly.

3 Indisputable Traits of a True Leader

I was flying to a business meeting with an associate when he told me he didn’t think I was a very good leader. (Ouch!) Sensing...

Why Leadership Coaching Works

More and more businesses are utilizing leadership coaches as part of an integral approach to developing key staff. When leaders get bogged down with...

How to Harness Your Superpowers

What if you could leap tall buildings in a single bound? What if you had x-ray vision? What if you could fly? We all wish we could harness our superpowers and do amazing things. In this article, I'll show you how to harness your superpowers.

We’re All Going to Mess Up

No one is perfect, we make mistakes. Situations and circumstances change, making what we've done wrong. However well we may have planned, prepared, anticipated, something happens and we fail.

This Tip from Oprah Will Help You Take Control of Your Success

We have to look at every little detail of what we do in our business, and in our lives. Do not overlook anything. And one of the most important little details is YOU.

How to Become a Catalyst Leader

If you’re in the Baby Boomer generation about to retire or already retired, congratulations! But this article is not for you. As the Baby...

Being Passive Can Hurt Your Small Business

When you were in school, did your English or composition teacher tell you to write in active voice, not passive voice? There’s a good...

10 Characteristics of Transformational Leaders

There are certain core characteristics the majority of leaders possess. However, there are also an additional set of characteristics that define transformational leaders—leaders that have the ability to make an impact on organizational growth.

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