An Unexpected Leadership Lesson from Nelson Mandela

There has been much written and discussed this past year about late South African leader and political icon Nelson Mandela. The recent death of this extraordinary man prompted me to reflect on an important lesson I learned when reading about him a few years back.

Keep Up

I was recently asked to give a presentation on what students can do/learn so they can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of business...

6 Ways to Increase Competency

The first step to increasing your personal and professional competence is to understand you have not arrived. If you believe you have no room to grow, you won't grow. Once you see there are areas for improvement in your life, growing your competence in those areas is really quite simple.

13 Easy Ways to Be More Productive and More Relaxed

As a small business owner, your time is incredibly valuable, and usually quite limited. You seem to spend hours at your desk tapping away,...

To Succeed, You Must Be Willing to Fail

It’s not use to be afraid of failing. Everyone fails. The difference is how you respond to adversity and failure. Successful people get up, think about what happened, identify ways to get better, and use that knowledge to succeed the next time. Do you see failure as an obstacle, or an opportunity?

Female Entrepreneurs and Their Rising Roles in Business

There are still big equality hurdles when it comes to gender in the American workforce, but those disparities are slowly inching closer together. Just...

Is Work and Life Balance Possible?

Is there really a routine we can develop that will devote enough time to our work and family? The discussion involving what you can...

3 Quick Ways to De-Stress at Work

I’m an anxious person. Name a situation, and I’m anxious about it. I have to meet a friend of a friend—I’m anxious. My boss...

10 Top Impediments to Creative Business Thinking

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who think the most creatively, not only in their initial product or service, but more importantly all through the stages of growth from startup to maturity. But even the best of them can easily slip into some bad decision habits that limit or hurt their business, due to natural human tendencies and the pressures of business challenges.

Leadership Skills: 5 Key Ingredients of Courageous Leaders

A great leader knows how to get the best out of their people. Through strong, clear guidance, they enable others to walk tall and...

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