3 Flexible Funding Options for Small Businesses

One of the most significant challenges any startup or small business faces in its early phases is gaining the necessary funding to allow it...

Take These 4 Steps to Secure Your Small Business Loan the Right Way

Everyone needs capital to turn a great business idea into reality, and most startups secure their first outside financing by talking to friends or...

Lending Solutions for Small Business Owners

Optimism is spreading across the industry, and many business owners are aiming to take advantage by hiring more employees, offering more products, and expanding to new locations. But when it comes to growing a business, owners often cannot rely on revenue alone to make it happen.

How Can a Small Business Access Low Cost Capital?

Small business optimism continues to edge up as the halfway mark of 2017 approaches. To gauge confidence, the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey presented...

How Technology is Affecting Small Business Lending

Small business lending is a chameleon. Constantly changing, the small business lending landscape has gone through a lot of twists and turns since the dawn of the Recession, doing more 180s than Shaun White on a snowboard.

9 Reasons You Were Denied a Small Business Loan

If you’ve just been denied a small business loan and find yourself asking why, the answer might lie in one of the nine reasons...

Is Your Business Suffering from Cash Flow Difficulties?

Cash flow is essential for any business. It is vital for both survival and growth, but maintaining a healthy cash flow can be problematic in today's economic climate. Many businesses will suffer cash flow difficulties at some point and the unfortunate reality is that if cash flow problems are not addressed early on then intervention will be required later in the form of business recovery.

The Beginner’s Guide to SBA Guaranteed Loans

While the federal government is not in the business of making loans to small businesses or startups directly, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a hand in helping small business thrive.

The Volcker Rule: Big Banks and Small Business Lending

Will the Volcker Rule end up having a significant impact on small business lending? Only time will tell. If you're a little confused about the rule and the role it's going to play in the small business sector, you're not alone.

How to Get a Loan for That Business You’ve Always Dreamed of Starting

Credit is more readily available in 2014 than it was in previous years. However, you still have to be smart and do everything you can to increase your chances of getting a start up business loan.

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