How to Reduce Company Expenses and the Pain of Fixed Costs

Business owners constantly wrestle with the age-old question of how to reduce company expenses. While income fluctuates for most businesses, expenses are something you...

Your Personal Credit Score Matters More Than You Realize to Your Business

As an entrepreneur, it is assumed that you are aware that your business credit matters. It makes a difference in applying for loans, it...

4 Ways to Separate Your Personal & Business Finances

As the owner of a small business, separating your business life from your personal life is a must. One way that this can be done is to draw a bold line between one's personal finances and business finances.

Should You Scrap Commission for Your Sales Team?

Commission-based sales plans have long been standard in the sales industry. Many small business owners are reluctant to abandon them, believing the widely held opinion that salespeople are primarily motivated by money.

Finance Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

It can be tricky managing the finances for a nonprofit organization. Keeping track of invoices, reimbursements, and petty cash seem like minor issues but they can quickly spiral out of control unless proper controls and policies are put into place.

Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner: The SIMPLE Plan

Since there are so many people setting up individual LLC's or home based side businesses, you need to keep a close eye out this time of year for setting up one kind of retirement plan, a SIMPLE IRA. The deadlines are just around the corner in the next few weeks, so could this be the right type of retirement plan for you?

Company Savings: How to Find Deals on Business Equipment and Materials

Every dollar you save in business is one more dollar you don't have to pay for. Earning revenue has a cost (sales, time, advertising,...

How to Enforce an Expense Policy

Mention employee expense policies, and you are often quick to receive a groan from staff. Employees, particularly ones who travel frequently, don't enjoy being...

Don’t Be Afraid of Net Profit per Hour

To have profitability you need to know where you are starting with profitability. That means calculating your net profit per hour.

3 Tips for Paying Off Multiple Debts

It’s not uncommon to have multiple debts. Most people have a mortgage and a car loan, along with credit cards, student loans, and personal...

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