4 Ways to Separate Your Personal & Business Finances

As the owner of a small business, separating your business life from your personal life is a must. One way that this can be done is to draw a bold line between one's personal finances and business finances.

5 Tips for Saving Money That You Haven’t Tried Yet

Small savings can often lead to large differences in the bottom line of any business, which is why so many business owners consistently look for creative ways to save money.

Don’t Be Afraid of Net Profit per Hour

To have profitability you need to know where you are starting with profitability. That means calculating your net profit per hour.

Does Credit Monitoring Truly Prevent Identity Theft? What You Need to Know

The problem of identity theft is a very real one. More than 10,000 identity fraud rings are estimated to be operating in the United...

10 Basic Tips to Reduce Costs and Grow Faster

When you’re starting a business, you want to make sure all your risk factors are under control. The old adage, “It’s better to be...

Why You Need to Be Smart About Money—Not Cheap

Understandably, to have money, you need to save. But, the trick to a successful business is not just about saving money. It is also about actual survival. To survive, a business has to grow. If it does not grow, it stagnates, leading to eventual failure.

Personal Credit Card Alternatives for Nonprofits

If you run the finances for a nonprofit organization, chances are you have questions about expense management. While there isn't an expense management bible specifically for nonprofits, there is a lot of good advice on the internet—the trick is sorting through the muck to find the gems.

Small Biz Check Up

It's the first week of April. How are your financials doing? It's time for a small biz check up. By now, all your financials on the first quarter of 2014 should be available to you.

8 Small Business Funding Options That Solve a Cash Flow Crisis

If small business owners had it their way, they’d never have to worry about money. Their bank accounts would always give them the financial...

Gross Margin Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Your financial report says that you've achieved a 35% gross margin on your latest project/job. Should you be happy? Maybe. Gross margin doesn't tell the whole story.

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