Avoid These Top 5 Financial Problems in Your Small Business

Managing a small business isn’t easy, and the single largest contributor to business failure is financial mismanagement. Making smart financial decisions and being consistent...

How to Keep Your Small Business Alive During Tough Financial Times

Small business owners need to be savvy and come up with real ways to reduce their expenses and increase their cash flow. In simple terms, less money needs to be leaving your account and more money needs to be coming in. It is an obvious statement to say that you need higher profits, but so many companies are missing opportunities to do just that.

Finance Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

It can be tricky managing the finances for a nonprofit organization. Keeping track of invoices, reimbursements, and petty cash seem like minor issues but they can quickly spiral out of control unless proper controls and policies are put into place.

Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner: The SIMPLE Plan

Since there are so many people setting up individual LLC's or home based side businesses, you need to keep a close eye out this time of year for setting up one kind of retirement plan, a SIMPLE IRA. The deadlines are just around the corner in the next few weeks, so could this be the right type of retirement plan for you?

7 Ways to Invest Your Business’s Disposable Income

As the owner of a business, you may be familiar with the expression, ‘You’ve got to spend money, to make money.’ While it might...

8 Small Business Funding Options That Solve a Cash Flow Crisis

If small business owners had it their way, they’d never have to worry about money. Their bank accounts would always give them the financial...

Finicky Finances: Make Sure Your Company is Spending Smart

Maintaining good business finances is a necessary part of running any company, but that doesn't mean doing so is always easy. Many businesses fail...

5 Cash Management Tricks Every Small Business Owner Should Master

I'm going to let you in on a secret: When I first started my business, I wasn't very good at managing money. Filling in my knowledge gaps was crucial to my company's success.

4 Easy Ways Your Small Business Can Reduce Monthly Expenses

For some small businesses, revenues can fluctuate from month to month. A month of feasting can suddenly give way to a month of famine....

5 Ways Charitable Giving Works for Your Small Business

Making donations to a noble cause goes a long way—and not just for the receiver. Whether aware of it or not, small businesses can...

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