Do You Know the Difference Between an Investment and an Expense?

What’s the difference between an investment and an expense? The difference is simple: one will start paying you back, and the other is a...

About Personal Use of Corporate Assets

It is no secret that the IRS looks carefully below the surface for personal use of company assets (including cash) in its corporate income...

3 Ways to Improve Your Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting are two of the most important financial exercises performed by businesses, regardless of their size. Unfortunately, they are also two exercises...

Branding as a Catalyst for Succession Financing

As your brand moves into the next phase of its existence, the prospect of succession comes into play. When you’re prepared to retire, what...

5 Tips to Reduce Your Operating Budget

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! Whether you are a new customer or an old loyal one, if you open a conversation and negotiate with your suppliers or vendors, most of them will likely respond by lowering prices.

3 Ways to Cut Expenses

I'm on a mission to cut expenses this year. Truth be told, I've been sloppy and have not paid attention to fees and charges in 2014 like I should have.

5 Signs That Your Company Could Be Insolvent

Becoming insolvent is generally the stuff of nightmares as far as small business managers and company directors are concerned. However, it is always better to address the issues upfront rather than hoping they might miraculously disappear or somehow resolve themselves.

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Business Credit Score

Maintaining a high personal credit score is something we all strive for. But in the small business world, it's just as important to keep...

Money Brain Junk: The Enemy Mindset That Might Be Holding You Back

Do you fear financial struggle? Ever wonder why your business never quite grows past a certain annual revenue, or why you worry about money? Well, of course it could be that your business isn't well-branded, perhaps your business model needs tweaking, or you might just need some help choosing the right marketing strategies. But frankly, it could very well be your money brain junk that's holding you back.

Lease or Buy?

The next time you need computer hardware and software, a copier, or vehicles, you're likely to ask yourself the question, "Should I lease or buy it?"

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