Budgeting to Stay Debt-Free

Bad debt is the kind of debt that consumers accumulate, which they really can't afford over the long haul. This is usually done without securing a viable asset.

10 Ways to Save on Business Expenses Every Day

Keeping accurate records and careful accounting of expenses is imperative in any business. Regardless of how profitable your business is, the goal of any...

3 Ways to Cut Expenses

I'm on a mission to cut expenses this year. Truth be told, I've been sloppy and have not paid attention to fees and charges in 2014 like I should have.

How to Save a $6MM Business

I love my students. They're interesting people, hardworking, funny and talented. They come from interesting families too. Three months ago one of them asked me to speak to her parents about their business to see if we could get them on a more profitable path.

5 Ways to Decrease Your Business’s Warranty Costs

Customer warranties can cost small manufacturers greatly because of repairs and replacements. It also puts goodwill and brand value at stake. And when handled...

Does Credit Monitoring Truly Prevent Identity Theft? What You Need to Know

The problem of identity theft is a very real one. More than 10,000 identity fraud rings are estimated to be operating in the United...

Cash Is Time Is Cash

Here is a simple economic truth. Fixed overhead continues to eat into your cash month after month. It doesn't differentiate facile, efficient businesses from slow, disorganized, quality-challenged ones.

3 Working Capital Tips for Your Small Business

Money is often tight for budding entrepreneurs. It is crucial that your hard-earned start-up money is not wasted, so make sure to keep in mind the working capital required for your small business to grow.

Don’t Lose Profits: Pay Close Attention to Your Financial Documents

No business is designed to take losses. You would be hard pressed to find a small business owner that is setting out to lose money, and to not end up a successful business. Paying attention to profits can go a long way in helping a business, even if a profit does not seem likely all the time. Below are a few points to keep in mind when managing financial documents.

How to Save a Failing Business

The competitive nature of modern economies can leave any company vulnerable to the prospect of financial disaster. Difficulties with debt and creditors can quickly run out of control with anything other than a truly robust business strategy and a reliably winning formula.

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