We’ve all been in a meeting where someone is presenting a data set and nothing seems to make sense until they show a chart or a set of charts that present all the information they’ve been discussing in a well-organized, easy to read fashion. That’s exactly the clarity you want to convey when discussing your business.


Apart from the occasional meeting, there are many practical reasons to maintain an organized set of charts for your records. Whether you plan on tracking data as a means of performance analysis, to promote your business on social media, or to present your business at a conference, you will save a lot of time if you go about it in a clear and organized manner. 


Fortunately, these charts are not entirely difficult to create if you make use of the right tools. iCharts is an online chart application is that makes it easy to create charts for your small business. One of the great things about iCharts is that you can import data, whether from Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or Survey Monkey to be easily organized in the charts. Thus, the time-consuming task of creating charts from scratch is practically automated.


iCharts is also a great application for small businesses because it understands the practicality of marketing your charts to create leads and engage your site visitors, making it easy to share on social media and promote charts on your web site or blog by copying and pasting a simple code. Furthermore, you can follow the popularity of your charts with marketing metrics to measure which charts are most successful. 


As an additional benefit to iChart account holder, you can view example charts from other businesses to see what kind of material you would like to use for your business. I suggest starting out with a basic free account to see how you like their chart styles and the practicality of transforming your data into charts with ease. Upgrading your account for premium features will cost $25 a month but could make sense for a lot of small businesses who want to take advantage of this highly practical application.