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4 Ways Google Analytics 360 Suite Can Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Ways Google Analytics 360 Can Help B2B

The world of B2B marketing never stands still. With changes in technology, industry innovations, and other new developments, B2B companies must adjust their strategies regularly to continue attracting new clients. Chief among these new developments is the Google Analytics 360 Suite, a new collection of tools to gather and organize data. The Suite helps you when it comes to:

1. Tailoring Your Content

One of the central challenges of B2B marketing is to optimize content for multiple industries and companies with different needs. A web page that gives one firm exactly what it is looking for may be completely irrelevant to another. Marketers can get around this problem by creating a wide range of pages for their websites, but posting so much content for public viewing risks making the website too complex to navigate. B2B marketers are thus forced to choose between simplicity and optimization for business clients.

The 360 Suite provides the best of both worlds with Google Optimize 360. This tool allows you to personalize your web pages and ads for specific users or categories of users, and then tracks the effectiveness of each version. You can thus post pages that cater to particular industries or individual companies without distracting or confusing other firms. You can then study the metrics for each version, ensuring that it is appealing to its intended audience. With 360, you can quickly construct a site that provides simple, convenient service to a myriad of business clients.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization

For B2B firms, traditional conversion metrics like clicks and page views are often not enough. Potential business clients are especially likely to read eBooks and white papers, listen to webinars, and otherwise consume long form content when evaluating your firm. It is thus essential that you know exactly how they are engaging with and responding to this content, optimizing it in order to increase conversions.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite surveys the full range of conversions that bring business clients to your firm. You can identify the specific pieces of content that other firms downloaded before a sale, as well as the publications that they overlooked. You can also track how the publication interacted with other parts of your campaign. If a company first read a short blog post, then downloads and listens to a webinar, and finally becomes a client, you can track this chain of events. You can then optimize your content to attract other business clients through a similar chain.

3. Improving Audience Engagement

Effective marketing goes beyond your own website. You also have to get a sense of how business clients use other parts of the Internet. If you know what other pages drive them to your website, as well as where they go when they navigate away from your company, you can bring them to your site earlier and keep them there until they make a purchase. The Google Analytics 360 Suite offers in-depth information on what business clients do throughout their purchase cycle, letting you know exactly how your site fits in with other web content.

Say that your company installs and repairs double pane windows for business offices. Double pane windows save energy, so many of your business clients find your site while researching ways to make their firms more sustainable. With the 360 Suite, you can figure out what they are searching for and write content that will appear in the top of their results. Likewise, if clients often navigate away from your site in search of technical details about double pane windows, you can keep them on your site by providing content with those details.

4. Documenting Metrics And Data

Clear data is crucial for any business, but is of particular importance for startups trying to attract business clients. The better you are at documenting the growth and effectiveness of your marketing strategies, the easier it is to convince new firms that you are a strong, successful company with the potential to change the market. Google Data Studio 360, a part of the 360 Suite, provides the documentation to do just that. It can convert all of your marketing data into charts, graphs, tables, and other reports and visualizations that illustrate your firm’s feats in clear, memorable terms.

The beauty of Google Data Studio 360 is that it is not limited to data from other Google applications. You can easily incorporate metrics from Facebook, Bing, and other platforms along with your AdWords and YouTube data.

Whereas Google’s traditional Data Studio application limited users to making five reports for each account, Google Data Studio 360 will produce as many reports as you want—a crucial difference if you are appealing to a variety of different business clients who need different types of data. You can easily customize all reports for the specific firms you are marketing to, providing the exact information they need to do business with you.

Published: March 1, 2017

Source: Adhere Creative

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