Top Ways to Improve Your Business Workflow 

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The workflow of your business is vital to its success. An inefficient workflow can stem from a range of issues such as poor communication, lack of hierarchy, no clear processes to follow and more. When you start to improve your business workflow, you will find that communication flows much better, employees are more productive and…

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How to Enhance Project Management & Processes for More Productivity

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The business environment is changing rapidly. Businesses are striving to adapt to new trends and deploy new tech in an attempt to remain competitive.  Enhanced project management is more important than ever to maintain efficiency. Numerous factors need to be taken into account, with the first obvious change being the push to apply hybrid work…

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What if Managing Your Team Meant Solving Homelessness?

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Sometimes, project management can mean managing stakeholder relationships along with managing your team, and the complexities of marrying those two needs. In this Manage This podcast transcript, we delve into the development of temporary living shelters, whether as a result of natural disasters or homelessness.  You can listen to the full episode here or read…

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5 Benefits of Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

a project management team using technology to track project deadlines

Project portfolio management evaluates and optimizes the resources, costs, processes, and technologies for all the projects in a portfolio. Its primary focus is ensuring all portfolio outcomes support your organization’s strategic business objectives and planning. The project portfolio manager achieves this via business analysis, budget review, and forecasting while managing stakeholder expectations and reducing risk. PPM…

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My Project is Like a Three-Ringed Circus

a stylized depiction of various business people walking a tightrope

Sometimes a project can feel like a three-ringed circus. You are managing the schedule, the budget, and the requirements, and at the same time, you’ve got to consider the stakeholders, team members, and the organization. In this Manage This podcast, we take a look at the early 20th century traveling circus to see how they…

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Project Management 101: Purpose-Driven Work

a young project manager gives a presentation to the team

Business is about bringing people together, finding people who have strengths to balance out your weaknesses, and serving a purpose with what you do. Joey Reiman is a marketing professional, author and teacher who moved to Atlanta from Long Island. After starting an advertising agency, which was acquired by Omnicom, he has gone on to…

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Trying to Figure Out the Customer Budget

calculating the customer's budget

“Do they have budget?” is a fundamental qualifying question for every seller. We have all sorts of tricks/techniques for determining the customer budget. There’s the old standby, “What were you planning to spend?” Alternatively, the direct approach, “How much have you budgeted for this project?” Or if we are selling XaaS, “As you know our…

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What is a Certified Project Officer and Why Should You Become One?

A certified project officer is a professional who oversees the planning and execution of projects within a business. They are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the project are completed on time, within budget, and to the required standard. Project officers may work in a variety of industries, including construction, engineering, information technology, and…

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3 Project Management Principles Small Businesses Can Use Right Now

These days, most small business owners have at least a passing familiarity with the concept of project management. And they know that using some of the principles of popular project management methodologies in their operations can improve their results. But therein lies a problem. It’s that the average small business owner doesn’t possess any project…

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10 Tips for Choosing Project Management Software for Business

Using project management software for your business can help you level up your productivity and improve communication within your team. These tools range from being able to create an online timeline chart to being able to host online meetings within the program, and each software differs in its capabilities. However, with so many different programs…

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