Don’t Make the Money Mistakes of These 5 Celebrities

red carpet entrance

An increase in assets doesn’t come with an increase in financial acumen. Whether your financial windfall came from a successful startup or a big sale, you need to be aware of the many scams, frauds, or predatory lending practices that affect too many people every year. Complacency or willful ignorance will only lead to money…

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Power of Attorney Can Help Secure Your Financial Future

power of attorney document

Securing your financial future, whether during a period of ill health or at the end of your life, is absolutely essential. There are many ways that you can do so, and one such way is by implementing a durable power of attorney. A durable POA is a financial document used to secure your financial assets…

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Budgeting Tips for the Sandwich Years

a multi generational family celebrating a birthday

The sandwich years are not, unfortunately, a period in your life that you can spend investigating the formula for the perfect Reuben or eating all the peanut butter and jelly concoctions your heart ever desired. As appetizing as it may sound, this is a phrase that describes a phase in life that is potentially both…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Request Free Samples Via Mail

receiving a free sample

Have you ever tried free samples via mail? Many people ignore freebies as they don’t trust them. But many reputable companies offer free samples through the mail. They do so to promote their new launches. However, as a consumer, you need to use the right coupon sites to avoid any chances of fraud. There are…

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Beginners Guide to Personal Finance


Personal finance management is vital for long-term plans. It’s essential to plan for your future now so that you can enjoy your days after retirement. If you’re new to personal financing, there’s a lot for you to learn. But personal financing keeps evolving, and you never actually stop learning. But there are three critical aspects…

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