What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

group of professionals sitting at table discussing things

Entrepreneurship can take many different forms, whether you’re starting up solo, buying a franchise, or partnering with others. But the common denominator with any new venture is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and using them to your best advantage. Discover what kind of entrepreneur you are with this short quiz, developed by SmallBizClub.com. We’ll…

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This is What Separates a Visionary Leader From the Rest

Business women standing in front of table giving presentation to colleagues

We are in a world that won’t stand still. Technology is changing all the time, new things arrive and old tech vanishes. New companies rise, and established giants fall. In that kind of world, staying still is falling behind. It’s not enough to just maintain what you have when other people are running forward as fast…

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Mindfulness and Leadership: Why Being Present Matters

a business leader taking time to mediate in an effort to remain present

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, where challenges abound and opportunities are fleeting, leadership is paramount. Seasoned entrepreneurs, armed with decades of experience and expertise, navigate the intricacies of business with a blend of intuition, strategic acumen, and resilience. Yet, in pursuing success, a subtle yet profound ally has gained traction: mindfulness in leadership. Mindfulness,…

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Add Extra Revenue Streams to Your Fitness Studio Business

a fitness class exercising in a studio

Let’s be real, running a fitness studio isn’t just about helping folks crush their push-up game. It’s also about making sure you’re not sweating the bills at the end of the month. Stick around as we explore some savvy moves to get that income flexing harder! There are all kinds of ways to add extra…

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Transforming Your Vision Into Reality

a team using planning strategies to make their visions a reality

CEOs and founders often have their sights set on the future, envisioning possibilities for their organizations through visionary leadership, strategic planning, and effective goal setting. However, turning these dreams into reality requires more than innovative thinking; it demands a clear path forward. For you to become a Visionary, transforming your vision into reality becomes more…

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Overcoming Insurance Challenges With Technology and Innovation

a stylized photo of a phone's UI emphasizing the challenges of innovating with technology

Insurance is one of the industries undergoing a speedy digital transformation through technology and innovation. According to a recent report from Newsfile Corp., by 2025, global insurance technology (InsurTech) investments could surpass $362 billion. The report further indicates insurance companies’ growing interest in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Cloud computing investments, on the…

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Foster an Innovative Business Culture With Creative Leadership

team members happily working together

Do you ever wonder why some companies become sought after by employees? They offer innovative and creative leadership. Innovation is a hallmark of a progressive and forward-thinking company. Those who embrace risk and innovation are perceived as more vibrant and dynamic, making them more enticing to high-caliber talent. Innovation opens doors for employee growth and…

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Specialty Food Businesses: Why Innovation is Key

Restaurants and food-related businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic. The National Restaurant Association found that restaurant and food-service sales were down $240 billion in the USA from their pre-pandemic forecasts for 2021. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of restaurants that have been forced to close their doors. The knock-on effect on the supply…

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The Question Asked By Jeff Bezos That Blew Me Away

opening a package

Here’s the question This piece of wisdom came from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, during a board meeting for one of the companies where he sits as board member.  Jeff asked the question “Is there anything big or small, which is working better than you expected? Is there anywhere we could double down?” What a great insight.…

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