Securing Funding: Ensuring Safe Transactions with Your Broker

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Are you looking for ways to protect your financial investments? Are you concerned about the security of your transactions when trading with a broker? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at customer safety measures that brokers apply to protect their clients against fraud, how encryption works, and regulatory bodies accessible through…

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6 Key Differences Between Alternative Lenders and Banks


Small business funding comes in all shapes and sizes. From loans to lines of credit, traditional banks are often a go-to source of capital, and they certainly have their perks. If you meet their lending requirements, they can unlock competitive interest rates and generous loan amounts. But not every small business can qualify for traditional…

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How Funding Data Can Improve Investor Outcomes


The use of data has revolutionized almost every industry, and financial services are no exception. There are many funding data sources that investors can use to check how the company is doing financially and whether they managed to get any additional funding from other investors. How can this help investors in their decision-making? Using data…

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The A-Z of Funding Your Startup in 26 Words

You’ve set up a fledgling of a business, found enough support to get you over the first hurdles and you’re ready to progress to the next stage. You’re considering raising money on an online investment platform. Great – now what? With the rate the sector’s evolved over the past few years, where do you even…

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Funding Options Coming Out of Lockdown: 3 Strong Options


Has your business taken a hit during the pandemic?  Are you looking into starting your own business now as we move out of lockdown?  This article will break down the ways that your company can benefit from funding in order to recover or grow, highlighting grant funding, equity and alternative funding options that may be…

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4 Great Ways to Fund a Business Idea


Many people dream of running their own business someday. Some people make that dream a reality while others don’t, and there are many factors that can have an impact on whether or not your business ultimately becomes, and remains, a success. One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face after coming up with a great business…

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A Guide to Startup Business Funding for SMBs


When you’re starting a business you need many different things: tenacity, entrepreneurship, marketing know-how and a product or service that adds value, just to name a few. But above all else, you need money. Without the right funding, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, you won’t get anywhere. What do you need startup…

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5 Funding Options for Post-Pandemic Business Growth


The COVID-19 pandemic hit businesses hard, and those that have managed to weather the storm still face an uphill battle as they try to make a post-lockdown comeback. For many, the only option is to seek external funding to cover staffing costs and return to business as usual – but it isn’t always easy to…

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Raising money? Find your champion.


Increasing your chances of success If you seek funds from an organized investment group such as an angel fund, venture capital entity, or even an investment club, the first thing you want to do is to find one person to buy into your vision, become excited by your enthusiasm and be willing to become the…

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Financing with grants, not equity or debt

First, an example of grant-based financing           I was chairman of a company that, for twelve years never took a dollar of outside investment.  The company was funded entirely by grants from the National Institute of Health, amounting to millions of non-dilutive dollars in all.  The company created a product that could be…

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