7 Different Funding Options When Bootstrapping a Business

two business owners proudly displaying their "We Are Open" sign in their newly opened cafe

Bootstrapping a business is essentially the art of hustling to get your business off the ground, without any funding or aid from outside. Empires that have been forged on this often tough, but rewarding path, are now the stuff of legends, and for good reason too. Embarking on a bootstrapping journey is like being the…

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Payment Systems You Can Use at Your Retail Store

a business using handheld payment processing

Starting, running, and growing a small business can be an exciting adventure, but the sheer variety of choices you must make can sometimes feel overwhelming. One crucial decision you’ll need to make is which payment systems to employ in your retail store. With the rapid advancement of technology, there’s no shortage of options to choose…

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Why Do You Need to Improve Your Cash Flow?

Small business owners face a ton of obstacles while growing their business. Starter capital, business planning, marketing, and stress are just a handful of these problems for entrepreneurs. Possibly the biggest hurdle in owning your own business is managing your cash flow. 82% of failed businesses cite cash flow as a reason, so it is…

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