2015 Midyear Tax Tips: What Tax Moves to Make Now

While it may seem like New Year’s Day was just the other day with the giant ball falling in Times Square, we’re already halfway through 2015. Whether you’re an individual with a W-2 job or a self-employed small business owner who earns 1099 income, now is a good time to review your current tax and…

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What Types of Business Entertainment Events are Deductible?

The good news is that Uncle Sam and the IRS allow small business owners to deduct 50% of meals and entertainment events in which they partake. But some type of business must be conducted before, during, or after these events in order to qualify for this popular – yet often improperly claimed – tax write-off.
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8 Tax Law Changes for 2015 You Need to Know

Happy New Year! As you prepare your taxes to be filed by April 15th based on 2014 IRS requirements, it’s smart to look ahead to some of the 2015 tax law changes that will impact your filing situation this year—and when you file in April 2016.
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