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So You Want to Be a Day Trader? Here’s What it Takes

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As a day trader, you need to develop some important traits.  These will help you to implement your strategy properly. A successful trader is not gifted. You just need to sharpen your skills and work hard to become a good trader. Here are some characteristics to build:


The ETF market provides different types of chances for your trading. You need to work according to a plan and to stick to your rules so that you don’t take any emotional decisions. For your betterment and the safety of the fund, make sure you fix the stop-loss and take profit in each trade.  You should not change your strategy every day. You have to remember that discipline can help you to become a successful trader .

You need to plan how many trades you will do in a day. Do not exceed this.  If you take more trades, you will be distracted from your plan, which can cause losses.  You discipline to be a day trader.  You should follow your plans.


As a day trader, you have to wait for the right time. Unless you know the proper timing for the trade execution, you won’t be able to open the trade. For instance, you can’t open any trade during Friday and Saturday as the market is off. So, it’s better to wait and prepare yourself for the next trading week. If you think you cannot wait, you will not able to trade.  You need to wait for the right action. Soon you will learn to deal with the exchange traded funds market. You must be focused. Increase your self-restraint power, you will be a successful trader.

Adapt to Changes

Market conditions can change at any time so you need to adapt to changes. To reduce stress at trading, you should be flexible. If necessary, make changes to your plan. Execute different strategies in the market.  Observe the daily price action. You need to choose the right time for your execution. If you cannot adapt to the consistent changes, you cannot be a day trader.


You have to control your emotions, otherwise you can face a loss streak. But don’t get frustrated; you just need to think about a new strategy. If you see a winning streak, don’t get overwhelmed. Winning and losing is part of the business. A successful businessman is not bothered by this. They always focus on the next step. You always have to think about your next step. If you face loss, move on. If you make profits, then try to sustain with the profits.


You can gather knowledge about trading from  books, online resources, and journals. You need to show uniqueness, too. Your skills make you different from others. Being independent does not mean you cannot get help from others. If you need, take good suggestions from the experts, but make your decision by yourself. Establish your own identity in the trading market. Make your own toolbox and rules and stop being dependent on others. Make your choice, and implement your plan according to your rules.

Progressive Thinking Trading

Don’t think about your previous trading experiences. You need to think about the future. If you can’t move on, you will face a further repetition of that previous experience.  You need to deal with the risk-reward issue.  Day traders always think about the upcoming trades and they change their minds according to the latest price information. Progressive thinking means that what you are required to do, you will do. You will not be bothered by the consequences. It requires energy, practice, and hard work, but if you practice, you can do it easily.

Published: October 20, 2020

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