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Tips for Being a Fitness and Nutrition Entrepreneur

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Before starting a new business, you’ll need to assess certain things like your prior experience, skill set, and earning potential. Who wants to go out on that risky ledge if there isn’t something to gain from it?

If you are looking for a fairly easy startup idea with big earning potential, consider the health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss industry.

Be a Success Story Too

Success stories abound in this industry. Many diet programs and meal planners (like Robert C. Atkins and Jenny Craig) have become household names. Zumba, for example, was started in the mid-1990s by a fitness instructor in Colombia. Since then, it has expanded its reach to over 90,000 fitness centers in 110 different countries.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you should seriously consider doing something within the fitness, nutrition, and weight loss industry.

Need some convincing? Read on for the top four reasons why fitness and nutrition are good business.

1. There’s a High Demand

There are more overweight Americans than ever before; the percentage of people needing to lose weight has been steadily increasing. Obesity rates are more than twice what they were in 1970—among both children and adults.

A recent study found that two-thirds of Americans are overweight. Of these, a third are classified as clinically obese. If the obesity trends continue at their current rate, by 2030 some experts predict that the obesity rate will surpass 50%.

Americans in general are getting fatter, but people are also getting more health-conscious. From young professionals to retired baby boomers, staying fit and eating right are increasingly on the personal agenda of Americans.

2. It’s Lucrative

There is a high demand for fitness and nutrition services, and people will pay up when they are trying to lose weight.

In the United States alone, companies within this industry have profits over $20 billion. Many people see spending money on healthy living as an investment that will prevent health problems later on, so they are willing to pay. If you provide a good product or service that gets results, you can be sure that your client will tell their friends and family, which will bring in even more business.

3. It’s a Broad Industry

The fitness and nutrition industry encompasses many types of businesses. Different businesses require varying amounts of time, resources, and levels of skill.

The list below will give you an idea of how broad this industry is and how many possibilities there are for the creative and driven entrepreneur. Potential business avenues within this industry include:

  • Fitness instructor: This type of work allows for a flexible schedule. All you need is a fitness instructor certification with organizations such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). Get certified and you could teach everything from ballet to Zumba.
  • Gym owner: Owning a gym is just like owning any other business. It requires savvy marketing techniques to attract new clients and keep old customers. Once you are established, you can branch out into other earning opportunities—like selling workout gear, supplements, and more.
  • Meal delivery service: Many people would like to eat healthily but simply do not have the time to cook, which has created a wide market for healthy meal delivery services. This career allows you to work from home and offers a lot of flexibility.
  • Meal planner: Meal planners are not actually making and delivering the food. Instead, they work with clients to draw up a menu that is healthy and balanced. Meal planners are especially sought out by people who have special dietary needs. This type of career yields a flexible work schedule. Plus, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential; the more clients you work with, the more you earn.

  • Health site webmaster or blogger: There are lots of websites with information on fitness and nutrition out there, but if you are skilled with web design yours could be the next big thing. Become an affiliate and you could make bank; be a product reviewer and you’ll have first crack at all the industry’s best tools and resources.
  • Doctor: Certain doctors specialize in weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass and Lap Band insertion.
4. Startup Costs are Low

Depending on the type of business, start-up costs can be quite low. Let’s look at the previously mentioned career suggestions and the costs associated with each.

Obviously, being a doctor specializing in weight loss procedures is much more costly and time consuming than most other options. However, the long-term earning potential is great.

Gym owners have a fair amount of startup costs—renting the ideal space, purchasing equipment and more. However, once established, a successful gym will bring money in hand over fist.

A meal delivery service needs only a decent-sized kitchen, a running vehicle, and someone who is willing to deliver at regular times during the day.

Meal planners simply require a bit of knowledge about nutrition. Once you’re educated, you can start hunting for earning opportunities.

Likewise, a fitness instructor simply needs to foot the bill for certification. Then you could be an instructor at a local gym where you have little overhead and can make your own schedule.

Lastly, health site owners just need fresh ideas for content, a bit of knowledge about web design, plus funds to buy a good domain name.

So if you need some startup inspiration, why not consider the fitness and nutrition industry? Not only does this industry have unique perks, you would be doing good in the world by helping people lose weight, get fit, and feel great about themselves.

Jessica AdamsAuthor: Jessica Adams has dabbled in various money-making ventures in the health and fitness industry. Her favorite was running a weight loss blog; she became an affiliate for health or nutritional products like vitamin B12 injections (or weight loss injections), energy bars, running shoes, fitness apps and much more. Now, Jessica shares tips with others who might be interested in diving into the health niche.    

Published: July 23, 2014

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