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If You Love What You Do the Money Will Come?

By: Lisa Patrick



You have heard this advice at least once: Do what you love and the money will follow or do what you love and it won’t feel like work. It seems easy but it’s not.

When you love doing something, you will naturally become good at it simply because you love doing it and you spend time doing it, more so than the average person, but it takes a lot of work and time. If doing what you love incorporates your natural talents, you’re likely to become great at it.
Eventually over time, you become better than the average person not only in terms of skill, but in a variety of areas related to what you love to do—knowledge, experience, intuition, contacts made, etc., that you gather along the way. Once you start to differentiate yourself and stand out, that’s when you really begin to put yourself on the path of making money from doing what you love to do.
Your passion for what you love doesn’t always equate to money in your pocket. The fact that your passion is not paid for instantly is a fear that many entrepreneurs have. Let’s face it—bills don’t care about your passion. Therefore, for those  entrepreneurs who know what their passion is,  there is always the fear of not knowing when the money follow.
A smart entrepreneur knows that just because you want to believe in something doesn’t make it true. Lara Galinsky,  from the Harvard Business Review shares some advice her mother gave her: “She believed fear was a compass—an indicator of the direction you should go in if you want to become the person you have the potential to be.”
As entrepreneurs my advice to you is do what you love to do, but make sure that you passion matches this goal: make money doing something you love to do that other people need.
This article was originally published by Convention Business Travel
Published: February 17, 2014

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