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How Your eLearning Business Can Rise Above the Competition

How Your eLearning Business Can Rise Above

While there’s no doubt about the impact eLearning is having on the way we receive knowledge, it is still common for eLearning content creators to market their content along with other categories. Doing this not only lowers their chances of being found on SERP results but also inflates their marketing budgets significantly.

So what should an eLearning business do?

Targeted Approach

Yes, you’ve heard this one before. Any marketer worth his salt would recommend you to focus on your niche for better results. But, it’s easier said than done. A typical marketing endeavor would have you investing in a Pay Per Click campaign on popular search engines like Google or Bing.

After spending bucket loads of money and resources on those marketing campaigns, the results you’d expect would be far too dismal.

What you need is a niche focused marketing approach that will yield better results. Listing your business in a software directory for your specific niche is the way to go. By doing this, you will be giving yourself a better chance at getting qualified leads that are waiting to convert into meaningful sales.

Stand Out Content + Delivery

Good content sells itself. While that’s a no brainer, creating content that sets you apart is not that easy. Especially when your elearning niche is flooded with competition trying to outdo each other. Taking help from authoring tools can ease your burden significantly. Modern online learning platforms ensure your content stays on-point and is also mobile-friendly for all those savvy learners out there.

No amount of research will be enough for you to piece together a successful elearning product. Following your competitors closely will set you off in the right direction. After you get your bearings right, you can chalk out a strategy to make your content more appealing and yet deliver on the promised value addition.

Pricing it right

This is the difficult part. Since your elearning service is not a tangible product, it gets a little tricky when it comes to the pricing of it. However, don’t let this deter you from trying a few alternatives. There is nothing right or wrong if you can justify your prices with the value addition that your elearning solutions would provide.

While you might be tempted to price your product in line with your competitor’s strategy. But what works for them might not work for you. So a little research will go a long way. Apply these basic guidelines before pricing your elearning product:

  • Total man-hours involved in producing content
  • Marketing Spend
  • Value addition for the users

If you get clarity on the points, your pricing strategy will be significantly streamlined and effective in comparison to your competitors. Calculate the ROI for your module development process and price your product accordingly.

Personalized Experience

The web, as we know it is an abstract place, and everyone tries to understand it in their own way. However, in the case of online learning it can have a negative effect. To counter this, elearning content developers must think of ways to personalize the users’ experience.

By personalizing we don’t just mean using the customer’s name, but also providing a seamless experience where the learning module can predict a user’s next move and offer something ‘extra’ to make the online learning genuinely worthwhile. Leverage the data that you collect for this purpose and use it to enhance your users’ elearning experience.

In Conclusion

elearning might still be in the nascent stages of development, but everyone agrees that it will be the next big thing in terms of education and training. As an elearning business, you have arrived early at the party and have a great chance at capitalizing on this opportunity. Make sure you keep these points in mind, and your elearning business will reach greater heights than you ever imagined.

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Published: January 14, 2020

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