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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Successful in 2019

By: Andrew Deen


Make Your Business More Successful in 2019

Success in the modern marketplace requires flexibility, planning and organization. Some ambitious entrepreneurs, unfortunately, believe that firing up a computer or opening a retail location is enough to start generating revenue. However, these go-getting industrialists soon find that running a business is more challenging than anticipated. With planning and patience, however, future business leaders can avoid the setbacks experienced by those who rush into commerce headfirst.

There are a lot of things that business owners must consider as the calendar year moves forward. The following sections provide 5 informative tips that can help entrepreneurs make their businesses more successful in 2019.

Method 1: Solidify Your Budget

The age-old adage, “It takes money to make money” holds incontrovertibly true in commerce. To turn their dreams into reality, the first thing that entrepreneurial hopefuls should do when starting a business is to draft a budget.

According to financial experts, budgets serve as a business roadmap. They help entrepreneurs understand what’s happening with their enterprises. It helps them to track cash flow as well as expenses and, in the case of new businesses, helps them to forecast how much revenue they need to break even and stay in the black—or at least remain in business until getting into the black.

By creating a budget, entrepreneurs increase their chances of success and can anticipate their future spending, profits and cash flow. Additionally, budgets help business owners identify problems before they spin out of control.

Method 2: Let Technology Help Improve Your Operations and Efficiency

One of the latest technology innovations to emerge, cognitive computing, is poised to create a radical revolution in the business world, with its ability to process data faster than the human mind. Experts believe that other technologies need to advance before business leaders can fully leverage cognitive computing systems. This process has already begun, however, with advancements in natural language processing, machine learning, virtual reality and neuromorphic computing already in the works.

For forward-thinking business leaders who do work with the technology, it’s important that they understand its potential and limitations and are clear about what artificial intelligence (AI) systems can do for their enterprise. Furthermore, they must stay informed about the latest trends that emerge regarding it, but most of all, it’s important that they also understand that they must hire specialized talent to go along with this cutting-edge advancement.

Method 3: Consider Who You Need to Hire and What You Need to Accomplish New Goals

In business, it’s necessary to plan weekly, network, make connections and establish realistic goals as well as abandon outdated objectives. For instance, employees are the most valuable asset for any enterprise. Their knowledge and skills drive operations. Nowhere is planning more important than when trying to find and hire the right employees. This is the most difficult part of running a business.

As an example, an employer could spend months looking for the right job candidate, convince them to come on board and spend thousands of dollars on training, only to have that person leave, requiring the business owner to start the process all over again. During this process, the business owner has accrued expenses for recruiting, onboarding, equipment and other personnel-related expenses.

In other instances, employers who are excited about growth will onboard new staff members only to terminate that individual a year later because the company can’t afford to keep them on. These kinds of events, unfortunately, are unavoidable, but entrepreneurs can recover from them with ongoing planning.

Method 4: Promote Self-Development and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been a topic of discussion among business leaders for the last several decades. It’s loosely defined as the awareness of one’s own and others’ emotions as well as the ability to manage situations based on that awareness.

Professionals who possess emotional intelligence can express themselves competently, manage stress appropriately, remain optimistic and think clearly during stressful situations. Business leaders who possess EQ inspire staff members and improve organizational performance. Furthermore, staff members who possess emotional intelligence can build better professional relationships than their non-EQ enhanced peers. In addition, employees who possess emotional intelligence report heightened job satisfaction. EQ helps business leaders and employees build strong professional relationships and improve how they communicate with coworkers.

Method 5: Invest in Your Employees and Get Their Feedback

In the United States, 70-percent of surveyed workers during a 2013 research study reported feeling uninspired or actively disengaged, which cost businesses over $450 million. Employees feel disengaged when they feel unsupported, micromanaged or are afraid of losing their jobs. Conversely, engaged employees feel supported and empowered with the freedom to be creative as well as perform optimally in the workplace.

To promote engagement, business leaders should establish an ongoing positive feedback loop between themselves and staff members that is healthy and authentic. Enterprise leaders should also establish boundaries as to what kind of feedback employees are free to submit and what’s deemed as constructive. Furthermore, it’s essential that employers listen to workers closely to ensure a full understanding of their perspectives before responding to a situation.

Simply opening a business is not enough to guarantee that it will generate profit. When building a sustainable enterprise, it typically takes a considerable amount of time to develop a consumer base and make beneficial professional connections.

In the end, it’s consistency that keeps businesses on top. Resultantly, aspiring business moguls must do whatever it takes to make their operations successful every day. By developing positive habits, entrepreneurs can take the right steps toward achieving long-term business growth and sustainability.

Published: November 20, 2018

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