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4 Immediate Improvements Every Startup Can Make

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Immediate Improvements Every Startup Can Make

It is like they say—a thousand startups, a thousand different problems. And then some. Every startup has its own problems and thinking there is a formula that could fix all of them would be foolish. That being said, there are always a few tweaks that can be made which will make any startup function better and achieve better results.

Resolution #1 – Read More

The vast majority of startup founders have little to no business education and sooner or later, the vast majority of them learn that the world of business is a beast to be reckoned with. The best way to learn this sooner and to start doing something about it is to read up on material that will put some things into context. By doing some business reading, startup owners will also become better equipped to take on the innumerable business-oriented challenges that begin rearing up their heads very early on.

This is a fantastic list of 20 must-reads for every business owner, startup owners included. On Forbes, you can find a list of best business-oriented books as compiled by some successful founders. If you have employees, you might also want to think about the reading that would better prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Resolution #2 – Get Fit

When we are talking startups, the “getting fit” we have in mind has to do with the unnecessary expenses and dead weight that all startups start accumulating from the very first day. Depending on how long your startup has been around, you will have accumulated more or less of this “sediment” that is dragging your company down.

Any day is the perfect time to take stock of your startup and identify areas where you are bleeding money and workhours unnecessarily. Perhaps you could eliminate certain processes that are getting you nowhere? Perhaps it is time you take a long, hard look at how your employees are performing? Perhaps it is time to be honest about your digital marketing efforts and how effective they have been?

Once you identify excess weight, it is time to be brutal about it and get rid of it in one swift move. It may hurt and it may make you feel nervous, but it is necessary.

Resolution #3 – Be Friendly

Startups tend to get caught up in their everyday problems and this is perfectly understandable if we are being honest. Trying to keep a startup afloat is no small feat and, unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to an almost hermit-like existence, both within the startup and outward.

If you think that the people in your startup have become too separatist and no one is talking to no one because they have no time or because they don’t feel like it, make sure to do something about. Take a day off startup-wide and go out for drinks in the middle of the day. Have a few non-work-related meetings. Consider changing up things and making your office more modern and collaborative.

Equally as important is that your startup reconnects with the world. Give your investors a call. If you are partnered with someone, find out what they are doing. Send a friendly email to your early adopters.

Of course, a fantastic way to reach out to the world is via social media. We all know the importance of doing social media the right way as a startup, but this time we are not talking about ROI, KPI or business-related acronyms. We are talking good old-fashioned conversation with people.

This will reenergize your team and provide you with new insights into your customers and potential customers.

Resolution #4 – Stay Zen

Running a startup can be stressful. Working at a startup can be stressful. It is a stressful life and such a life has its consequences. Besides being really, really bad for your health, all of this stress can easily lead to wrong decisions left and right.

This is why every startup owner could benefit from becoming more Zen. You should seriously start learning about becoming more centered and relaxed, in the most basic sense, meditation and all.

Of course, you should also bring a more Zen approach to the way you do business – to developing your product, interacting with your employees and colleagues and tackling problems. By keeping things Zen, you are bound to start making better decisions for the simple reason you are not rushing them.

Rushing into things is the safest way to ruin your startup.

Don’t do it.

Author: Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

Published: May 30, 2017

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