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5 Easy Ways To Move Customers From Email To Text Message Lists

By: Brian Mikes


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Author’s Note: Moving prospects and customers from your email list to text message list has been a big question in the last few weeks. This article was first published in 2016… so we pulled it from the archive, updated it, added new content, and hope you find it useful!

This past week I received a number of questions from our customer service department. A number of customers have called in with an interesting question.

They are small business owners who have built an email list…

But they have a problem.

They’ve spent a ton of time and money identifying prospects and customers and adding them to an email list.

They’ve been doing everything the email marketing gurus say.

They’ve been sending regular emails… they’ve been writing great content…. they focus on keywords and links… they craft headlines and great calls to action… they split test subject lines and work on their copywriting.

Despite this constant effort and work, they still have very low engagement rates.

Their email open rates are under 20%… and click rates hover around 1%… if they are lucky.

Many have worse open and click rates – it’s scary!

Everyone knows text message marketing has better engagement rates… and it takes a lot less effort.

It’s much easier to write a 160 character message and get a read rate of over 90%!

So the million dollar question… how do you move the people from your email list over to your text message marketing list?

It’s a great question… and I have a few ideas.

First, let me help you right off the bat.

Tip #1… Add a signup form to collect cell phone numbers right on your website.

Think of it… you’re already spending money to advertise online… and you get traffic to your website… you might as well hit up your site visitors for their email address AND cell phone number.

This will automatically add people going forward to both your email and your mobile marketing lists. It gives you two bites of the apple!

Just remember to put the correct disclosures on the opt in form and make sure to add the right disclaimers to your website terms of use.

Remember this: It’s best practice to ask online texting list signups to double opt-in.

By making that one move, you’ll start adding people to your mobile marketing list lightning fast.

That deals with new people signing up… what do you do about the people already on your email list?

How do you move the people from the email list over to your text message marketing list?

There are three things you need to keep in mind…

Tip #2… Let people know you have a text message marketing list and they can, and should, sign up… You’d be surprised at how many people already on your list want to hear from you via text message.

If you’re targeting a younger demographic, they probably prefer text messages to emails anyway!

Many younger customers will sign up just because you have a list.

Here’s tip #3… let your email list know if they sign up for your mobile list, they will get something special.

Give them a gift.

Give your mobile marketing prospects and customers something they can’t get elsewhere… something they can’t get on your website or by being on your email list.

Yep – that’s right… play favorites….

Give your mobile marketing prospects and customers something they can’t get any other way.

What do you give them?

It can be anything… but remember to give your customers something they want. Give them…

  • Information like a free report or guide…
  • Give them coupon codes or discount…
  • A link to a video…
  • Access to an Interview or podcast…
  • Give them specifically curated products…
  • Give them advanced notice to special deals or products…

Here’s a great special offer – add people to an early-bird access list! It can be for a new product or special offer… the early bird list is a great carrot to get people signing-up.

Here’s another great idea. If you run a restaurant, let your Texting Customers know about your SECRET MENU! (You have one of those for your best clients… right?)

Being part of the “IN” crowd is very powerful, and having customers that know a “Secret” about your business can be huge!

Once again the options are limited only by your imagination.

Tip #4… Don’t be afraid to remind people repeatedly you have a Mobile Marketing List.

Remind people when they visit your store, remind them when they buy something, remind them when they call in, remind them when you talk to them on the phone.

Most importantly, remind people on your email list over and over again.

If you email your list… do it frequently.


If you have a 10% open rate on your emails… that means 90% of your prospects and customers didn’t see the email!

So, don’t be afraid to send out different offers. Remind people over and over again about your Mobile Marketing List… it will ensure more of your email list sees the offer and has the option to sign up.

Here’s One Final Tip – if you have customers on both email and a mobile marketing list… use them both.

Don’t limit yourself to only using one list or the other. Use them both to really get the best engagement rates.

Remember repetition is reputation!

Published: December 8, 2020

Source: Reprinted with permission from Betwext.com

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