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What To Do If You Are Rejected by Adsense


My friend Oliver recently launched airlene.com, a forum for the travel industry. The site is growing very fast with thousands of members joining every month, however, when Oliver recently applied to run Adsense on his site, he was rejected. As with many Google services, it is sometimes hard to get an answer from them as to what to do next.

Some searching around found these tips for strengthening your site. Still though, we wonder how relevant these are to a UGC site?
  • Quality and unique posts.
  • Substantial posts (around 25 of them at 500 words each).
  • Home, Contact, About Us, Privacy Policy Page.
  • Clearly mark other advertisements from other networks.
So what are the alternatives?
The obvious alternative is the Yahoo! Bing content network. They have a huge range of advertisers, and in some cases, give a better return than Google Adsense. Just like Google, they are able to contextually target sponsored links and sponsored topics to your users for each page on your site.
Adside is another service to review, offering ads that pop up in small banners around your site and look like Adsense banners.
If those options don’t suit your needs, you can also try in text link services such a Kontera, Viglink, etc.
This article was originally published by The Mail
Published: June 18, 2013

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