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Stay on Top of Your Seasonal Advertisements

Stay on Top of Your Seasonal Advertisements

For a glance at the latest in small business ad ideas, check out your local monthly magazine. Chock full of creative promotions, regional publications provide a variety of ad options, often with the promise of an advertorial article.

As a result, many establishments use this platform to familiarize residents with their presence. Ads often incorporate photos of smiling employees, shots of storefronts, displays of best-selling merchandise, and information about key services.

In a recent issue, an ad promoting an interior design business caught my eye. Dressed professionally, the small business owner stood, smiling, in front of a residence. Her company name, qualifications, and tag line were situated above her photo and contact information below.

What stood out, though, was the seasonal décor on the steps—pumpkins and gourds. The perfect ad for October; however, this issue hit in early spring.

When you invest in ads—locally, regionally, or nationally, you’re representing your business and your reputation. Here are a few suggestions for future promotional pieces:

  • Check the details.Creating several ads simultaneously will save on cost (and time), but be sure the details correspond with the correct season. For instance, if you own a café, make sure your June promo doesn’t emphasize hot soups. If you run a hardware store, your December ad should not offer lawnmower sales.
  • Promote your business visually.When you advertise, decide what you want customers to remember. Do you want to emphasize friendly service, eye-catching products, or special details? This is an opportunity to tell your story, so feature your most important information.
  • Proofread the promotion.Once your ads are complete, take a few quiet moments to read the ads closely. Check spelling with a special eye on contact information, including social media addresses. Then, hand the ads to an unbiased eye for another read before sending them to the media outlet.
  • Request copies of ads before they’re in print.If you submit four ads for a year’s worth of advertisements, ask for an advance copy of your ad before the issue goes to press to ensure the company is using the right one for that season.

With attention to detail, you’ll make your advertising dollars really pay off.

P.S. The interior designer noticed the error of her advertising ways. The next month’s ad swapped out the pumpkins for flowers.

Published: August 8, 2017

Source: Biz2Credit

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