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Newspaper Advertising That Really Makes Headlines

Newspaper Advertising That Really Makes Headlines

The weekly paper is typically filled with local advertisements, usually the same small businesses ads in the same spot, at the same size, and with similar information in each issue. Why not truly make headlines? For that, you can consider investing in the “full wrap.”

In my local weekly newspaper, one small (and expanding) business did just that – purchasing a 4-color, 4-page, full-size advertisement that literally wraps around the newspaper. Not just once, but three weeks running.

This local upscale grocer is opening its third location about a mile down the road. Exciting times for this family-owned and -operated specialty market (fine quality meats, homemade soups and sauces, fresh bread, local produce, etc.). However, even though it’s known throughout the region, the other two stores are a considerable drive from our side of the county. And there are several other similar businesses much closer to home.

Because this business understands that its new customers may not be familiar with its merchandise, they contacted the weekly paper and purchased the best possible ad: the one that surpasses the paper itself.

In bold letters, right below the newspaper’s title, features the name of the company – making themselves the big news of the week. The inside covers feature the market’s various departments and the back cover lists its specialized offerings, including catering and delivery details, along with its contact information.

Of course, the investment on behalf of the market had to be considerable. But they also took into account the likely return: Well-populated neighborhoods filled with potential customers who can become better acquainted with their newest shopping option – and an alternative to the big box supermarkets and high-priced chains. What a bold move to introduce themselves to local customers about what their specialty store has to offer.

Now, while four full pages may seem like a lot to fill, this is your chance to creatively promote your business, its offerings, location (just add map and contact information), and the ownership (just add photos). Each page – cover, too – must have, at a minimum, your address, both physical and online. And full information – phone number, store hours, even a contact name or two – should be considered for maximum response.

If your small business is about to make serious news, make the biggest splash possible – make headlines. You’re sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Published: August 29, 2017

Source: Biz2Credit

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