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The Importance of Digital Signage in Developing Brand Recognition

By: Chloe Ward


The Importance of Digital Signage

Digital signage is an extremely effective tool when boosting sales, engaging an audience and increasing traffic, however the overriding key feature is its ability to increase brand recognition. Brand recognition is crucial to the success of any business and adopting digital signage into your marketing campaign is a great way to achieve results.

Lending itself perfectly to a range of different industries and businesses of all size, digital signage is a fundamental tool for any businesses looking to attract a wide scale global audience through creative advertising. There are many types of digital signage that your business can utilize, from more traditional online campaigns and video advertisements to quirky and eccentric interactive screens and animated GIF campaigns. The extensive range of different platforms available means there is something to suit every business’ budget and style.

Brand recognition has long been an indicator of success—the more people that engage with and recognize your brand, the more custom you are likely to receive. This is why it is so important to implement digital signage into your marketing campaign in order to boost brand recognition and therefore increase sales and revenue.

Digital signage has its own benefits such as being time and cost efficient as well as its ability to inform customers on a large scale basis. When married with the benefits of traditional advertising, digital signage is able to increase traffic, engage customers and improve your brands image; all factors that work together harmoniously in order to increase brand recognition.

Digital Signage is Time and Cost-Efficient

Unlike the traditional physical signage process, digital signage has the opportunity to be much more flexible, cost-efficient and time-efficient. If any changes need to be made to a digital signage campaign, they can be done so with a few clicks of a button and then these changes can be executed globally in a matter of minutes in order to reach a larger scale audience. When combined with optical bonding technology, digital signage can deliver a robust solution that will last for many years before needing to be replaced.

When utilizing physical signage in previous years, businesses would have to reprint any campaigns that required changes and this therefore put a strain on the business’s budget and marketing deadlines. Using less paper when advertising is also more environmentally friendly and this is why a lot of businesses have decided to transition from physical to digital signage in more recent years.

Digital Signage Can Increase Traffic

Despite your business being located in one small and specific area, digital signage gives all businesses the opportunity to reach a large scale global audience thanks to technological advancements and the explosion of the internet. Issuing digital signage that is comprised of high-quality content and graphics on a global scale allows for more people to interact with your brand and therefore a significant increase in traffic to your website is likely to occur as a result.

Digital Signage Engages Customers

Research shows that the more engaged a customer is the more money they are likely to spend. Utilizing platforms such as social media discussions and physical displays, digital signage is the epitome of interactivity.

The relationship that is developed between customer and company through interactivity is crucial to the on-going success of your business. Using social media discussions, hashtags and polls allows your customers to voice their opinions and suggestions whilst simultaneously increasing brand awareness through exposure to the business’ logo, message and service. Social media isn’t the only type of interactive digital signage—platforms such as physical displays that allow customers to connect with each other in different countries is a perfect example of using digital signage creatively in order to continue engaging customers in new and innovative ways.

Digital Signage Can Improve Your Brands Image

It is important to trademark your designs with your company logo when creating your digital signage campaigns. Subtly and continuously exposing your customers to your logo and brand image will ensure that they recognize it in future. Using a simplistic yet unique font and color scheme will make your brand easily recognizable and as a result customers are likely to remember your brand and choose your services in future, thus increasing your business’s sales and revenue. The larger more popular businesses dominating the retail, real estate and healthcare market today gained their reputation through constantly exposing their brand to a large scale audience through both physical and digital signage platforms.

Digital signage is not only a more time and cost efficient alternative to traditional physical signage, but its unique flexibility makes it the perfect tool for businesses looking to compete with larger corporations. The benefits of digital signage such as an increase in traffic and revenue massively outweigh any initial costs, making it a viable option for all profit-based businesses, no matter what size.

Published: October 8, 2018

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