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Add Value First, Reap Value Later with Proactive Customer Service Skills

By: Ron Kaufman


I was teaching about customer intimacy and loyalty when one participant asked, “What if your competitor has already built a close relationship with a customer, and you want to get inside?”

I replied, “Add value first. You will reap value later.”
When you are proactive with solid customer service skills, potential clients will take notice.
How can you help prospective customers right now—even before they become your paying customers? There are a variety of ways to achieve this goal; one of the easiest involves simply reaching out to make contact. Good customer service skills will take you far.
Can you send articles of interest with your name card attached? The right articles can intrigue potential clients while your customer service skills win them over. So, what kind of written communication can you send prospective clients?
  • Could you make practical suggestions to help them serve their customers better?
  • Can you provide insight about developments in your industry that may soon impact theirs?
  • Could you write notes of congratulations when they succeed in a major project or undertaking?
If you add value high enough or long enough, eventually you will get a piece of your prospect’s business. It may not be a big piece, but it will be a start. Do a fabulous job delivering that first piece of business and more work will surely follow. Don’t wait until a prospective client signs on to show off your customer service skills.
Key Learning Point for Customer Service Skills
This principle applies in business and in life. When you give enough, long enough, eventually you will receive.
Action Steps for Customer Service Skills
Make a contribution to those who are not yet your customers, but whom you would like to have as customers one day. Deliver with quality and consistency that surprises in a positive way. One day these prospects will become valuable customers—yours.
Copyright, Ron Kaufman. Used with permission.
Published: August 9, 2013

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